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#5. Heavy duty copiers and laser printers should be connected to individual 20 Amp branch circuits.

Heavy duty photo copiers and laser printers create high surges from current which create a boost in the neutral to ground voltage. This process can possibly harm other electronic equipment and computers if they happen to be on the exact branch circuit.

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Renters Rights to Safety vs. Lawless Landlords

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If you are a renter in the Phoenix Valley, you probably are not aware that any repairs to electrical systems must be performed by a licensed and bonded qualified electrician.  This is the law of the land in Arizona, and landlords don’t always follow these safety measures intended to protect you.


G&S Electric Inc. supports the DIY’ers and the handymen that provide many great services to valley homeowners.  If you own your own home, it is legal to hire a handy man to perform work on electrical wiring, plumbing, or construction.  There is nothing wrong with exercising that liberty.  However, when a property owner becomes a landlord, they are responsible for the life and safety of others.  As a renter, you have rights to protect your health and well being.  Many laws are passed to prevent bodily harm or physical injury as a result of under qualified workmanship.


Take a look at some of the photos below that show the types of workmanship we have seen when called in by renters to look at apartment units and houses.  In one scenario, we arrived to help install and run new lines for a water heater that had bursted and flooded out part of the living area.  We were very disappointed to see that the landlord had exposed electrical wiring laying on the ground that could have caused severe shock.  As qualified union member licensed and bonded electricians servicing Phoenix Arizona, G&S Electric Inc. will inform tenants of their rights.  We will look out for your safety and the safety of your family by making sure the landlord completes all repairs needed to be legally within code at the landlords expense.  Exposed romex and electrical wiring are not what anyone should expect from a handyman, but worse than that, it is illegal in rental properties.


As top rated Tempe licensed electricians, G&S Electrical Inc. must stay up to date with the laws regarding safety.  Did you know that a new law was passed in Phoenix requiring homes to upgrade to new 10 year sealed battery powered smoke detectors?  The new power source code requirements passed this April are intended to protect homeowners and renters.  Know your rights as a tenant to keep your family safe!


As a local, small business of high ranked electricians serving Sun City to San Tan Valley, G&S Electric Inc., has been working with landlords, tenants, and homeowners as their preferred electrician for over 20 years.  We have worked on all kinds of electrical problems, from new water heater wiring to new air conditioning electrical conduit.  While our qualified electricians are not HVAC certified, our long history has established great partnerships in the valley like the one we have with Rich Gordon of Inline Mechanical (480-251-0738).  Rich, a licensed heating and air conditioning repairman, has the same quality of service and integrity of performance that G&S Electric Inc. stands behind.  Like G&S Electric Inc. he performs his own diagnostics and only recommend the right fix, regardless of cost.  It’s partnerships like that with Rich that makes calling G&S Electric Inc. sort of a one stop service point for all of your electrical/household needs.  If we are not certified to do the work, we probably have a partnership with a best-in-class service professional for that need.


G&S Electric Inc. wants all of you homeowners to stay safe this summer and stay cool.  If you are a renter, know your rights and ensure top quality electrical service by only licensed bonded electricians.  If you are a landlord, give us a call with any questions, upgrades, or service needs.  We will gladly work with you to ensure you are up to code and your investment is protected.  Sometimes it is not about being good or bad, but just knowing the correct action to take.

Warranties of Excellence for Multi-Unit Property Management


G&S Electric Inc. wants to remind multi-unit management offices which require regular electrical maintenance, insurance claims investigators needing electrical diagnostics, and warranty companies that leverage local electrical contractors that we are license bonded union electrical contractors serving Arizona electrical needs from National Baseball League stadiums such as Chase Field cooling towers, to small mom and pop manufacturing companies.


G&S Electric Inc. works as the preferred electrical contractor for global multi-unit property managers such as Colliers International. As a global property management services company, Colliers International serves Greater Phoenix and the Scottsdale areas with multi-family, mixed-use, hotel management, and industrial services. As electrical contractors we help mitigate risks associated with property management through our electrical diagnostic services, increase customer satisfaction with large hotel cooling and heating systems, as well as electrical engineering for community property needs.


G&S Electric Inc. performs electrical layout and map plan consultations for local Phoenix property management companies like Trestle Management Group. The Tempe Arizona based property management organization services home owners associations and community associations in management of their day-to-day operations. They rely on local electrical contractors like G&S Electric Inc. to support their electrical needs to help protect communities and home owners from devastating electrical fires to reducing crime with neighborhood lighting requirements. Trestle Management Group describes themselves as “the most qualified professionals”, and we are proud to be considered the top quality electrical contractors that organizations who have best in class services for Greater Phoenix trust.


G&S Electrical Inc. serves high end apartment complexes and properties all over the valley like those Lincoln Property Company manages at The Palms on Camelback Road and the Reserve at Arrowhead in Glendale. From modern luxury multi-family resort style living at Skysong in Scottsdale to more traditional gated developments like The Legend At Kierland, G&S Electric Inc is a preferred electrical contractor supporting the needs are large scale luxury property management companies.


In the article from Lowe’s ProServices, “Risk Management for Property Managers,” they give some basic tips on Identifying Risk, Avoiding Risk, Controlling Risk, and Insuring Against Risk. Hiring a top rated electrical contractor like G&S Electric Inc. can help you identify, avoid, and control risks related to electrical infrastructure. Demonstrating to your property management liability insurance company that you hired best in class electricians for electrical map reviews, safety inspections, and risk analysis could help lower your premiums and costs. Heck, we can even recommend energy efficiencies and perform the work needed. As fully licensed photovoltaic panel installers, G&S Electric Inc. provides the highest standards for consultations transforming parking lots into power generating stations. Our electrical services comes with a Warranty of Excellence, and G&S Electric Inc. is renown for comprehensive, friendly, and trustworthy service.

Chase Field: Fanning Flames of Summer Games for the Arizona Diamondbacks and D-Backs Fan’s!








G&S Electric Inc., an Arizona Electrical Union (640) member of local electrical contractors and electrical engineers has completed all of the electrical support for six new cooling towers at Chase Field. Subcontracted out, G&S Electric Inc.’s highly trained electricians were called in to help with the disassembly of four older cooling towers which were no longer running at efficiencies worth keeping.

Our top rated valley electricians where called in to help with the installation of six new cooling towers. That’s two more towers devoted and working for the star players of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the most important members of the team, the fans! This season, D-Backs fandomonium will keep cooler heads in a hot season of baseball action. Not only did G&S Electric Inc. get to work on the electrical conduit and infrastructure support, our trusted Phoenix electricians also installed top of the line, brand new VFD’s!

For those of you keeping track of player stats and RBI’s, VFD’s are the Variable Frequency Drives that help the cooling towers use energy smart technology. G&S Electric Inc. installed brand new, latest technology VFD’s on all six of the new cooling towers, plus the four pumps that help that cool air flow freely onto Chase Field and into the stadium seating at Chase Field. These ten new Variable Frequency Drives will run at optimal energy loads, thanks to G&S Electric Inc.’s team of players.

G&S Electric Inc.’s all-star electricians are helping you to enjoy those cold draft beers, roasted peanuts, and Chase Field hot-dogs with a cool breeze over you shoulder in the hot Arizona summers. Game days are upon us, and we are glad to have been asked to help. When the LA Dodgers come in to feel the sting of our bite, they have a cool locker room to cry in. When the heat of the game creates a D-backs win against the NY Yankees, you know those New Yorkers can’t blame our hot summers. We got the cooling towers to help them lose gracefully.

If the engineers at Chase Field are confident enough to call in G&S Electric Inc. to assist with the vital electrical needs of this important technology, do you think G&S Electric Inc. has the trustworthy electrical contractors for your major installs? This was a big game for us, and we are proud of all of our team for scoring big with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Enjoy your summer, and enjoy the games at the D-backs home field. We don’t expect for you to chant “G&S Electric Inc.” every time we score a home run, but we wouldn’t be mad at the attention either!! Keep cool in the summer, and contact G&S Electric Inc. for your major installation needs to keep your fans happy and comfortable.

Play BALL!!

Who is Your Small Business Manufacturing Electrician?

Arizona Electrical Contractor

Arizona Electrical Contractor

Local manufacturers in Phoenix need a strong team of support businesses to ensure their success. All manufacturers need materials supplies. All manufacturers have shipping needs. There are buyers and sellers of manufactured goods. Partners in storage for excess inventory or materials are needed. A comprehensive waste management system may need to be in place. Another important component of a strong manufacturing business team, is having a qualified local licensed bonded electrical contractor. G&S Electric Inc. would like to be a member of that team which supports local business in Phoenix and the greater valley.

Every manufacturing company needs licensed bonded electricians to ensure they run at full capacity. When heavy machine repair is needed, manufacturing businesses stop producing and start loosing revenue. It is important to have a heavy equipment repair electrician who can keep those motors running. When motors burn out and break down, an electrical contractor is needed for electrical motor repair to get revenue flowing again. Machine repair for manufacturers will almost always require electrical diagnostics. G&S Electric Inc. will come out to your facility and review all parts on a machine to determine where breakdowns may occur and ensure appropriate repairs are made. Many manufacturing plants experience electrical equipment failure. G&S Electric Inc. serves as electricians in South Phoenix, and all over the valley, for manufacturing needs. Contacting G&S Electric Inc. begins a relationship with a reliable company that wants to be a part of your small business team. We will fix electrical manufacturing problems.

When lathes wear down (as they are bound too) is it because manufacturing motor repair is needed, or is an electrical control repair needed? A machine shop electrician can diagnose the true issue. G&S Electric Inc. can even perform most mechanical repairs as part of the electrical repairs and diagnostics. Electricians for manufacturing businesses need to be aware of the mechanics of motors. Modern milling machine repairs may be needed due to many points of vulnerability. Hydraulic relay repairs, automated lubrication pump repairs, heavy equipment chip replacement repairs, or automated malfunction sensor repairs can be part of a complex repair process in a single machine. If a machine stops running and you do not know why, call G&S Electric Inc. for electrical troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Some manufactures have to bid for new contacts or new product line capabilities. Having a local electrical engineer in Phoenix as part of your manufacturing team can help you understand cost estimates for retooling a facility to make new product. Your business depends on the ability to output product. Your profits of a new bid can only be fully understood when you have realized the costs of rewiring a facility for new tools and machines. Manufacturer electrical engineers can help you understand the electrical energy requirements needed for new manufacturing processes and provide those cost estimates. Will new machines increase electrical load requirements? Will rewiring your facility reduce electrical loads? Are old wiring systems creating loss of power to your machines and costing you more expense to create product? A machine installation electrician can ensure proper electrical loads, increasing the life span of the tools on which your business relies.

Having a manufacturing electrical contractor who can provide quality electrical engineering designs can go a long way to increase production values. An electrical engineer may help manufacturers increase profits by determining improvements for energy efficiencies. An electrical engineer can design an electrical power distribution system which can create a more flexible manufacturing facility to easily handle machine change outs. The ability to modify your manufacturing facility increases the ability to take new contracts and increase revenues. G&S Electric Inc. employs manufacturing electricians who want to be part of local small business manufacturing teams.

As an Arizona licensed bonded electrical contractor that relies on Buy American principles G&S Electric Inc. supports local Arizona businesses. G&S Electric Inc. enjoys being a small business, providing our electrician services for small businesses. Some manufacturing electrician companies in Phoenix want to be large and take on every project they can. G&S Electric Inc. prefers developing relationships and being part of a larger team of support. G&S Electric Inc. have Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale based manufacturing electrical design consultants servicing companies from Gilbert to Glendale, and all over the great state of Arizona. Want more information? Read this paper from MIT on the life cycles of electrical energy requirements for manufacturing processes.


What does quality of service mean to your business?

Electrical Contractor Phoenix

Electrical Contractor Phoenix

G&S Electric Inc, a highly rated electrical company in Arizona measures success by their quality of service. We received a call from a local business owner who had been experiencing some electrical issues at her brick and mortar shop. A local utility company had looked into the issue for the business owner and stated that her electrical panel had gone bad and needed replaced. The business owner searched for top electricians in Phoenix and contacted G&S Electric Inc. to have her panel replaced.

When our technicians arrived on the scene, we wanted to ensure when we left all issues were resolved. G&S Electric Inc. likes to do a job right the first time. Our quality service electricians are trained to perform their own diagnostics. The shop had not undergone any increases in electric load. The connections to the shop were secure. The panel did not appear to be worn out. When our electrician had completed his diagnosis, he discovered that the issue was in the main circuit breaker.

As honest electricians servicing Arizona we could not perform the panel upgrade without advising the customer that her panel was perfectly fine. A measure of quality service oriented electricians is doing the right job to solve the right problem. A panel upgrade can cost over $2,500 to install and have inspected. Even though the panel was an older model, all connections were free of rust and corrosion and without any increase in load to the home, the panel would continue to operate effectively.

In order to be reliable electricians in Phoenix, we have to be certain to have all the facts. So we perform our own diagnostics. In order to be trustworthy electricians in Phoenix, we have to communicate those facts to our customers. We informed the customer that the panel would continue to operate effectively and that the only recommended service was replacing the main breaker. This recommendation saved the customer thousands of dollars.

This customer experience demonstrates that G&S Electric Inc. employs reliable electricians. It demonstrates we train all of our employees to be trustworthy electricians. There is more to the story. G&S Electric Inc. also demonstrated their commitment to being quality of service electrical contractors by going above and beyond to service the panel appropriately. Working on older panels is not always an easy task. The easy job would have been to replace the panel to a newer model. G&S Electric Inc. works on the principles of integrity, not the principles of what is easy. Our electrician called all over the valley and traveled to different locations in order to acquire the right parts for the main breaker replacement. The quality of service electrician spent more time locating the right parts for the right job than it would have taken to install a new panel. The job was completed that day, and the customer only had to pay a few hundred dollars, rather than almost three thousand dollars.

When looking to hire an electrical company in Arizona how will you know if they are trustworthy electricians? How can you determine if they are reliable electricians? Be certain they perform their own diagnostics and be certain they talk to you about the job they are performing clearly. G&S Electric Inc. will not do just any job, we only do the right job. That is how we measure quality of service. We hope that you contact G&S Electric Inc., a local electrical contractor in Phoenix Arizona, for all of your electrical servicing needs, whether you are a small business, a large business, or a home owner.

What Lights Up Your Business?

Most consumers think about lighting in terms of watts since we were raised on primarily two types of lighting (incandescent or fluorescent) and always purchased based on watts as an indication of brightness. However, highly trained electricians should know that brightness truly is measured in lumens. Today, electrical designers and installers have a multitude of lighting technologies to offer which can really add to a dynamic array of business lighting. From entrance ways, to parking lots, security lighting to product displays, even work areas or customer servicing areas -architectural lighting is an integral part of a brick and mortar business. An electrical designer should be a part of the process.

Working with an electrical contractor to help map out your business lighting needs should be a part of every brick and mortar business owner’s plan to increase volumes and decrease over head. A well lit parking lot will be more inviting than darker ones. Clearly lit entrance ways will lead to more customer volumes. Proper display lighting will lead to higher sales. Adequate and proper work area lighting will increase productivity. Well lit, warm customer service areas will lead to greater customer satisfaction. All of these practices create a more profitable business, and an electrical contractor that offers free consultation can help your business identify opportunity areas.

G&S Electric Inc. has experienced electricians who can assist business owners in creating an electrical engineering plan that will increase business effectiveness. Hiring a licensed, bonded, and insured electrical contractor can also increase business efficiency. Take a look at this link that displays average costs based on the type of lighting installed: ( What is your average electricity business expense? How much can an improved electrical design in lighting alone decrease your costs? What if an investment in parking area lighting doubled your business volumes? Have you considered contacting an electrical contractor to have the electrical design of your business evaluated?

Every month, leading industry manufacturers are releasing light options with ever increasing lumens and decreasing energy costs. Some of the LED options today are a fraction of the cost of older lamp models. As a top electrical contractor, G&S Electric Inc. is constantly reviewing new options that can help your business grow. Check out the link below for a spot light on one company that has great new offerings for business lighting options.

We are qualified electricians in Arizona. We are family owned and operated local electricians. We want to support your local business and help you grow. Creating a relationship with G&S Electrical Inc. is like creating a business partner in the electrical contractor industry. We support businesses that have electrical design and electrical engineering needs throughout Phoenix and surrounding areas. Consider not only what lights up your business, but who lights up your business. Our electricians offer free consultations that can help your business grow. Lighting is a very important aspect to business growth. From customer and employee satisfaction, to volume and productivity increases. What can G&S Electric Inc. due to increase your profitability?

Top Electrical Contractors Stay Grounded

An article on’s site reminds us of the importance of grounding electrical wiring the right way. Being a top electrical contractor in Arizona means staying on top of all connections. Often times electrical contractors will make short cuts when it comes to grounding connections. More inexperienced electricians may operate under the impression that as long as the ground wire is touching metal which does not lead any where or pose a shock risk, the connection is grounded and all is good. This is not how a the best electricians think. NEC rules and standards of safety are very specific and the devils of proper grounding are in the often very small details. Be sure to always choose highly experienced electricians like those at G&S Electric Inc. to manage all of your electrical upgrade needs or new major electrical installations.

In the article “10 Worst Grounding Mistakes,” (add hyper link) the very first item listed is one that can impact many of the valley’s older homes. Replacing non-grounded receptacles, those old two pronged outlets, might seem like an easy fix and upgrade. However, without proper replacement and a correct ground using new receptacles there is a risk of shock to users. Common issues with the old receptacle boxes are floating grounds and neutral tied grounds. These are not proper ways to install new upgrades and can pose a risk of shock. When doing any electrical upgrades it is important to hire a highly trained electrician who won’t take these short cuts. This is what we mean when we say G&S Electrical Inc. has highly reliable electricians. We do not accept short cuts.

Lets say you are doing a kitchen remodel and are upgrading appliances. Code prior to 1996 states that using the neutral as an equipment ground was satisfactory. However, new standards clearly state that

all major appliances require a fourth equipment-grounding conductor. G&S Electric Inc. has been in business for over 25 years. However, we do not operate on standards that are 25 years old. We operate on the latest electrical codes and innovations. This is why we are trustworthy electricians. Our continuing education requirements for all of our top electricians and journeymen keep us up to date to keep you safe. Being a top Phoenix electrician is about staying on top of our trade.

The article mentions a couple of other failures that some electricians may make which we would like to point out as well. Not installing a secondary ground rod when the primary does not have full resistance capacity, failure to reattach metal raceway grounding connections, and failure to bond equipment ground to water pipes are all potential hazards for homeowners and business performing electrical panel upgrades or structural load increases. When looking for an electrician, choose an electrical contractor who is aware of common mistakes that can lead to serious issues like lethal shock or fires. All advertising electricians must be licensed and insured electrical contractors. However would you rather rely on the bonds and insurance of a company, or the knowledge that you have hired a reputable electrical contractor?

G&S Electric Inc. is a top rated electrical contractor serving Phoenix, Maricopa County, and all throughout the state of Arizona. We are family owned trusted electricians who take pride in our trade. Our electricians are courteous, friendly, and provide the best customer service for electrical contractors. We appreciate the ability to make all of those claims. What is more important is that we stay grounded, and do the job right. If you need to upgrade an electrical panel, are contemplating major renovations, or are starting a new build, contact us for free estimates and consulting. It is important to hire the right electrician.




Satisfying the Needs of the Local Semiconductor Companies

If your business is one of the over 143 semiconductor companies in Arizona producing goods and providing good jobs, chances are you are need of an excellent electrical contractor partnership.  Companies that work in technology, chip manufacturing, or semiconductor research have to constantly stay up to date on the latest enhancements in order to remain competitive.

As a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association, G&S Electric Inc. also is able to stay up to date on the latest code developments and industry needs. Semiconductor companies require clean room electrical service work to ensure static particles or other contaminants do not interfere with their final product development. As an Arizona electrical contractor, G&S Electric Inc. has the qualified electricians to perform clean room electrical work.

If you are one of the many semiconductor businesses in Arizona looking for the best Phoenix electricians, we assure you G&S Electric Inc. has top notch electricians who can service clean room needs. Our electricians are highly trained and we have operated as Valley electricians for over 25 years. We are not just top Phoenix electricians, we are top electricians in all of Arizona.

If your manufacturing facility requires upgrades to remain competitive, we want to help your business succeed by providing quality electrical work, trusted electrical services, and more than just a job to get done, we want to develop a relationship with your semiconductor company. We know you will need to upgrade again as new technologies and methods for chip development and semiconductor manufacturing evolve. Your business needs an electrical contractor you can trust in not just for one upgrade, but for the life of your business. That is the type of company G&S Electric Inc. has strived to be, and achieved. When looking for an electrical contractor partner, we hope you will contact G&S Electric Inc. and support local Arizona electricians. We pledge our service and your satisfaction.

Trustful Electrician Service

G&S Electric Inc., a business of local owned and operated electricians, voted top rated Phoenix electricians, is here for all of your electrical needs.

We often work in major manufacturing facilities helping them get things up and running from the start. When you start improve upon existing electrical engineered systems, call G&S Electric Inc. with any questions your business may have.

When you are a manufacturer, the last thing you need to be dealing with is faulty wiring, poor service, or repeat visits from an electrician who can’t seem to get the job done. At G&S Electrical Inc., our highly trained electricians will be on the job until the job is done. If you need to rewire for new machinery, upgrade an electrical panel for expansion, or just increase the load on a line, our top rated electricians promise you can trust in our service and safety.

If you need electrical wiring for your new facility, electrical wiring for warehouse lighting, or any work for any electrical manufacturing needs, contact G&S Electric Inc. today. Our Arizona based electricians can work on electrical wiring for the motors that keep your machinery working or the wiring for alarms that keep your facility safe. We can send a crew out to provide you with professional electrical quotes so you know the budget you need for manufacturing electrical upgrades or manufacturing electrical repairs.

You could try a start up company to handle those big rewiring jobs, or you could choose a group of trusted electricians, with over 25 years experience, to build a relationship that will insure every light bulb works and every tool runs when your business is running. Why take a risk? Choose a reliable electrician by choosing G&S Electric Inc.

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