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Electrical Contractor Phoenix

Electrical Contractor Phoenix

G&S Electric Inc, a highly rated electrical company in Arizona measures success by their quality of service. We received a call from a local business owner who had been experiencing some electrical issues at her brick and mortar shop. A local utility company had looked into the issue for the business owner and stated that her electrical panel had gone bad and needed replaced. The business owner searched for top electricians in Phoenix and contacted G&S Electric Inc. to have her panel replaced.

When our technicians arrived on the scene, we wanted to ensure when we left all issues were resolved. G&S Electric Inc. likes to do a job right the first time. Our quality service electricians are trained to perform their own diagnostics. The shop had not undergone any increases in electric load. The connections to the shop were secure. The panel did not appear to be worn out. When our electrician had completed his diagnosis, he discovered that the issue was in the main circuit breaker.

As honest electricians servicing Arizona we could not perform the panel upgrade without advising the customer that her panel was perfectly fine. A measure of quality service oriented electricians is doing the right job to solve the right problem. A panel upgrade can cost over $2,500 to install and have inspected. Even though the panel was an older model, all connections were free of rust and corrosion and without any increase in load to the home, the panel would continue to operate effectively.

In order to be reliable electricians in Phoenix, we have to be certain to have all the facts. So we perform our own diagnostics. In order to be trustworthy electricians in Phoenix, we have to communicate those facts to our customers. We informed the customer that the panel would continue to operate effectively and that the only recommended service was replacing the main breaker. This recommendation saved the customer thousands of dollars.

This customer experience demonstrates that G&S Electric Inc. employs reliable electricians. It demonstrates we train all of our employees to be trustworthy electricians. There is more to the story. G&S Electric Inc. also demonstrated their commitment to being quality of service electrical contractors by going above and beyond to service the panel appropriately. Working on older panels is not always an easy task. The easy job would have been to replace the panel to a newer model. G&S Electric Inc. works on the principles of integrity, not the principles of what is easy. Our electrician called all over the valley and traveled to different locations in order to acquire the right parts for the main breaker replacement. The quality of service electrician spent more time locating the right parts for the right job than it would have taken to install a new panel. The job was completed that day, and the customer only had to pay a few hundred dollars, rather than almost three thousand dollars.

When looking to hire an electrical company in Arizona how will you know if they are trustworthy electricians? How can you determine if they are reliable electricians? Be certain they perform their own diagnostics and be certain they talk to you about the job they are performing clearly. G&S Electric Inc. will not do just any job, we only do the right job. That is how we measure quality of service. We hope that you contact G&S Electric Inc., a local electrical contractor in Phoenix Arizona, for all of your electrical servicing needs, whether you are a small business, a large business, or a home owner.

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