What Lights Up Your Business?

Most consumers think about lighting in terms of watts since we were raised on primarily two types of lighting (incandescent or fluorescent) and always purchased based on watts as an indication of brightness. However, highly trained electricians should know that brightness truly is measured in lumens. Today, electrical designers and installers have a multitude of lighting technologies to offer which can really add to a dynamic array of business lighting. From entrance ways, to parking lots, security lighting to product displays, even work areas or customer servicing areas -architectural lighting is an integral part of a brick and mortar business. An electrical designer should be a part of the process.

Working with an electrical contractor to help map out your business lighting needs should be a part of every brick and mortar business owner’s plan to increase volumes and decrease over head. A well lit parking lot will be more inviting than darker ones. Clearly lit entrance ways will lead to more customer volumes. Proper display lighting will lead to higher sales. Adequate and proper work area lighting will increase productivity. Well lit, warm customer service areas will lead to greater customer satisfaction. All of these practices create a more profitable business, and an electrical contractor that offers free consultation can help your business identify opportunity areas.

G&S Electric Inc. has experienced electricians who can assist business owners in creating an electrical engineering plan that will increase business effectiveness. Hiring a licensed, bonded, and insured electrical contractor can also increase business efficiency. Take a look at this link that displays average costs based on the type of lighting installed: (http://www.efi.org/factoids/lumens.html). What is your average electricity business expense? How much can an improved electrical design in lighting alone decrease your costs? What if an investment in parking area lighting doubled your business volumes? Have you considered contacting an electrical contractor to have the electrical design of your business evaluated?

Every month, leading industry manufacturers are releasing light options with ever increasing lumens and decreasing energy costs. Some of the LED options today are a fraction of the cost of older lamp models. As a top electrical contractor, G&S Electric Inc. is constantly reviewing new options that can help your business grow. Check out the link below for a spot light on one company that has great new offerings for business lighting options.

We are qualified electricians in Arizona. We are family owned and operated local electricians. We want to support your local business and help you grow. Creating a relationship with G&S Electrical Inc. is like creating a business partner in the electrical contractor industry. We support businesses that have electrical design and electrical engineering needs throughout Phoenix and surrounding areas. Consider not only what lights up your business, but who lights up your business. Our electricians offer free consultations that can help your business grow. Lighting is a very important aspect to business growth. From customer and employee satisfaction, to volume and productivity increases. What can G&S Electric Inc. due to increase your profitability?


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