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An article on’s site reminds us of the importance of grounding electrical wiring the right way. Being a top electrical contractor in Arizona means staying on top of all connections. Often times electrical contractors will make short cuts when it comes to grounding connections. More inexperienced electricians may operate under the impression that as long as the ground wire is touching metal which does not lead any where or pose a shock risk, the connection is grounded and all is good. This is not how a the best electricians think. NEC rules and standards of safety are very specific and the devils of proper grounding are in the often very small details. Be sure to always choose highly experienced electricians like those at G&S Electric Inc. to manage all of your electrical upgrade needs or new major electrical installations.

In the article “10 Worst Grounding Mistakes,” (add hyper link) the very first item listed is one that can impact many of the valley’s older homes. Replacing non-grounded receptacles, those old two pronged outlets, might seem like an easy fix and upgrade. However, without proper replacement and a correct ground using new receptacles there is a risk of shock to users. Common issues with the old receptacle boxes are floating grounds and neutral tied grounds. These are not proper ways to install new upgrades and can pose a risk of shock. When doing any electrical upgrades it is important to hire a highly trained electrician who won’t take these short cuts. This is what we mean when we say G&S Electrical Inc. has highly reliable electricians. We do not accept short cuts.

Lets say you are doing a kitchen remodel and are upgrading appliances. Code prior to 1996 states that using the neutral as an equipment ground was satisfactory. However, new standards clearly state that

all major appliances require a fourth equipment-grounding conductor. G&S Electric Inc. has been in business for over 25 years. However, we do not operate on standards that are 25 years old. We operate on the latest electrical codes and innovations. This is why we are trustworthy electricians. Our continuing education requirements for all of our top electricians and journeymen keep us up to date to keep you safe. Being a top Phoenix electrician is about staying on top of our trade.

The article mentions a couple of other failures that some electricians may make which we would like to point out as well. Not installing a secondary ground rod when the primary does not have full resistance capacity, failure to reattach metal raceway grounding connections, and failure to bond equipment ground to water pipes are all potential hazards for homeowners and business performing electrical panel upgrades or structural load increases. When looking for an electrician, choose an electrical contractor who is aware of common mistakes that can lead to serious issues like lethal shock or fires. All advertising electricians must be licensed and insured electrical contractors. However would you rather rely on the bonds and insurance of a company, or the knowledge that you have hired a reputable electrical contractor?

G&S Electric Inc. is a top rated electrical contractor serving Phoenix, Maricopa County, and all throughout the state of Arizona. We are family owned trusted electricians who take pride in our trade. Our electricians are courteous, friendly, and provide the best customer service for electrical contractors. We appreciate the ability to make all of those claims. What is more important is that we stay grounded, and do the job right. If you need to upgrade an electrical panel, are contemplating major renovations, or are starting a new build, contact us for free estimates and consulting. It is important to hire the right electrician.




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