Renters Rights to Safety vs. Lawless Landlords

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If you are a renter in the Phoenix Valley, you probably are not aware that any repairs to electrical systems must be performed by a licensed and bonded qualified electrician.  This is the law of the land in Arizona, and landlords don’t always follow these safety measures intended to protect you.


G&S Electric Inc. supports the DIY’ers and the handymen that provide many great services to valley homeowners.  If you own your own home, it is legal to hire a handy man to perform work on electrical wiring, plumbing, or construction.  There is nothing wrong with exercising that liberty.  However, when a property owner becomes a landlord, they are responsible for the life and safety of others.  As a renter, you have rights to protect your health and well being.  Many laws are passed to prevent bodily harm or physical injury as a result of under qualified workmanship.


Take a look at some of the photos below that show the types of workmanship we have seen when called in by renters to look at apartment units and houses.  In one scenario, we arrived to help install and run new lines for a water heater that had bursted and flooded out part of the living area.  We were very disappointed to see that the landlord had exposed electrical wiring laying on the ground that could have caused severe shock.  As qualified union member licensed and bonded electricians servicing Phoenix Arizona, G&S Electric Inc. will inform tenants of their rights.  We will look out for your safety and the safety of your family by making sure the landlord completes all repairs needed to be legally within code at the landlords expense.  Exposed romex and electrical wiring are not what anyone should expect from a handyman, but worse than that, it is illegal in rental properties.


As top rated Tempe licensed electricians, G&S Electrical Inc. must stay up to date with the laws regarding safety.  Did you know that a new law was passed in Phoenix requiring homes to upgrade to new 10 year sealed battery powered smoke detectors?  The new power source code requirements passed this April are intended to protect homeowners and renters.  Know your rights as a tenant to keep your family safe!


As a local, small business of high ranked electricians serving Sun City to San Tan Valley, G&S Electric Inc., has been working with landlords, tenants, and homeowners as their preferred electrician for over 20 years.  We have worked on all kinds of electrical problems, from new water heater wiring to new air conditioning electrical conduit.  While our qualified electricians are not HVAC certified, our long history has established great partnerships in the valley like the one we have with Rich Gordon of Inline Mechanical (480-251-0738).  Rich, a licensed heating and air conditioning repairman, has the same quality of service and integrity of performance that G&S Electric Inc. stands behind.  Like G&S Electric Inc. he performs his own diagnostics and only recommend the right fix, regardless of cost.  It’s partnerships like that with Rich that makes calling G&S Electric Inc. sort of a one stop service point for all of your electrical/household needs.  If we are not certified to do the work, we probably have a partnership with a best-in-class service professional for that need.


G&S Electric Inc. wants all of you homeowners to stay safe this summer and stay cool.  If you are a renter, know your rights and ensure top quality electrical service by only licensed bonded electricians.  If you are a landlord, give us a call with any questions, upgrades, or service needs.  We will gladly work with you to ensure you are up to code and your investment is protected.  Sometimes it is not about being good or bad, but just knowing the correct action to take.

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