From Business Expansion to Re-Organizations, Industrial Electrical Panels Often Need to be Changed.

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Service Panel Upgrade

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If your business is expanding to take up more space, or re-organizing to reduce over head, most likely you will require upgrades and changes to electrical panels. G&S Electric Inc. a company of top Phoenix electricians helps companies expand or modify existing industrial electrical panels. We have certified electricians that design industrial electrical panel installations to insure all of your electrical and communication needs work for your business.

G&S Electric Inc. offers electrical inspections of existing industrial control panels to ensure that all connections are labeled correctly and installed appropriately. When your business requires changes to electrical panels, relay panels, or industrial electrical design consultation, G&S Electric Inc. has certified electricians available to provide top electrician workmanship.

In the last decade the National Electrical Code (NEC) stated there are many misapplications of industrial control products and that a review of standards for industrial control panels was needed. While there was debate over cluttering of electrical codes for industrial control panels, if your business has not had a review of the control panel, there may be lingering code compliance concerns. That is why it is important to have licensed electrical contractors review the relays and electrical connections in your existing control panels. One of the main problems NEC faced was in dealing with the construction safety and installation of the multitude of control products on the market. There may be a chance the industrial control panel installed in your business is operating dangerously.

G&S Electric Inc. a Phoenix based electrical company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, is a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association. We pride ourself on top electrical workmanship to ensure the safety and electrical efficiency of your business.

If your business is changing, you need a reliable electrician to help modify the electrical needs of your commercial space. We provide excellent customer service and want to develop great customer relationships. Our electricians serve all of Maricopa County. So whether you need an electrician in Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, or Phoenix, we have local electricians with full service trucks in your area. Contact G&S Electric Inc. for all of you business electric needs.

When Will You Find Out If Your Emergency Lighting Is Up To Code?

Is it time for a lighting upgrade

Over the last decade, there have been changes and updates to Emergency Lighting code recommendations, and the electrical code changes may have impacts on older emergency egress electrical systems.

If you own a commercial property, a mutli-unit apartment complex, or lease out an industrial complex, it is your responsibility to ensure proper emergency lighting requirements are installed for the safety of employees and residents.

G&S Electric Inc. provides commercial electrical contractor services. One service our top industrial electricians provide is verifying existing exit lighting is up to code. How do you ensure your exit lighting is up to code for industrial and commercial properties or residential apartment complexes? When is the last time you have had your egress lighting system reviewed by an electrical contractor? Even if you meet the basic emergency egress lighting code requirements, are there improvements to the existing emergency lighting system a qualified electrical contractor could make?

In addition to the changes in code requirements, new technologies have evolved which can create even better emergency lighting. G&S Electric Inc. is a company of safety oriented bonded electricians who pride themselves on providing the best industrial electrical services. This includes upgrading existing emergency lighting systems to the newest technologies offered.

Some new emergency exit light systems are LED based, require less wiring, for reduced labor, and cheaper installs than many older emergency light systems. Our highly trained industrial electricians provide these upgrade services. We have electricians who install emergency lighting systems which have the latest technologies. We have qualified electricians that design emergency exit lighting systems. We have licensed and bonded electricians who monitor and maintain emergency egress lighting.

Emergency lighting systems are a critical safety component to any facility. G&S Electric Inc. wants to ensure your employees and residents are able to exit safely when an emergency happens, or during a power outage. G&S Electrical Inc. electrical contractors are the best electricians in Phoenix, and the surrounding Maricopa County area. If you have concerns about upgrades to an older electrical system, or need electrical design solutions for your commercial property, please contact G&S Electric Inc. for our electrical estimates and electrical consulting.


Electrical Safety Tips for the Holiday Season


With the holiday season approaching, many Arizona homeowners will be busy beautifying their homes and yards with twinkle lights and other decorations. In all of the excitement over the holiday season, important safety concerns are sometimes overlooked. When unsafe conditions are created from overloading an electrical outlet, not using outdoor plugs for yard decorations or any other number of electrical mistakes, significant damage can be done.

To avoid a fire or other damage from occurring at your home this holiday season, contact your provider of electrical services in Phoenix and consider the following electrical safety tips:

  • Before decorating, inspect all plugs on lights and other decorations for frayed wires. Also check your home for broken sockets or loose connections. Throw away all damaged decorations and contact a provider of electrical services in Phoenix to make any necessary repairs.
  • All burnt out light bulbs on a strand should be replaced with a bulb of the correct wattage, which should be listed on the package. A bulb of the wrong size and wattage can cause overheating in the socket.
  • When decorating outdoors, make sure you select a package of lights that is made specifically to withstand conditions, such as rain and snow.
  • Keep lights 10 feet away from all power lines or feeder lines when decorating outside your house and yard areas.
  • Always use plastic or insulated holders or hooks to safely hang lights. Avoid using nails, tacks or staples.
  • Use proper extension cords. Outdoor rated cords can be used both outdoors and indoors, but indoor specific cords should never be used outdoors. Also make sure the extension cord is the correct size for your decoration needs as an overloaded extension cord can reach temperatures hot enough to start a fire.
  • To avoid overheating and other accidents, extension cords should never run under carpets or rugs.
  • Homeowners tend to overload outlets during the holidays. To determine how many lights you can safely string together, find out the wattage for each bulb. Multiply the wattage number by the total number of lights. For safety, the maximum number should be no more than 1400.
  • A circuit breaker that constantly trips is either overloaded or needs to be replaced. Contact a provider of electrical services in Phoenix to take a closer look.
  • Always turn off lights and decorations before leaving your home for an extended period or going to sleep for the night.

For all electrical services in Phoenix this holiday season, contact G&S Electric, a licensed and insured Arizona electrical contracting company. Our family owned business has been in operation for over 25 years and has expert skills in installation and repairs for a wide variety of electrical projects. We strive to provide the highest quality service as customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Please give us a call today at (602) 493-1135 or contact us online to learn more about electrical services in Phoenix.


Do You Need Electrical Upgrades?

Although the typical homeowner would prefer to avoid a rewiring job or electrical system upgrade, an outdated electrical system can reduce the value of your home, be a safety hazard and even cause damage. If you have observed any warning signs that may identify wiring damage or need to upgrade your electrical system to keep your house up-do-date, the residential electricians in Phoenix of G & S Electric are here to help.

In our experience as industrial, commercial and residential electricians of Phoenix, customers frequently request an electrical system upgrade for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Insufficient Power: Whereas modern day homes often use a 100-amp or 200-amp electrical service panel to power devices, older homes only operated on a 60-amp panel. The energy output of a 60-amp panel is too low to power modern appliances, AC units and more, causing an inconvenience to home owners and demanding a system upgrade.
  • Safety Concerns: Smoldering, arcing, damaged wiring and improper wiring can all cause fires. Fires accounted for $11.6 billion in property damage during 2010 according to the National Fire Protection Association, house fires alone are responsible for $1.5 billion of the damages.
  • Opportune Timing: Clients planning a home remodel will often rewire or upgrade an electrical system since major construction is already taking place, eliminating the need to open walls just for the rewire and decreasing the overall cost of the project.

When considering your electrical needs to determine if an upgrade is necessary, think of both current and future needs. Increased energy demands from new family members, home expansions or additional appliances. Structured wiring not only ensures your home can handle current and future energy demands, but it also increases the value of home. No matter your reason for electrical upgrades, the residential electricians in Phoenix at G & S Electric possess the knowledge and skill to handle any project. Call G & S Electric at (602) 493-1135 or contact us online with any questions or to schedule a home wiring inspection.

Energy Saving Investments for the Home

Summer temperatures have arrived and with them, high electric bills. Here are a few tips to help make your home more efficient, effectively reducing your energy bills.

  • Install a whole house fan

A whole house fan is installed in the attic and is designed to draw cool air in and force hot air out.

  • Seal your ducts

Leaking duct work can account for up to 25 percent of cooling costs in your home. Have your ducts tested and have any leaks or restrictions repaired by a qualified contractor.

  • Replace old appliances with Energy Star® models

Old appliances can be operating inefficiently and sapping energy. Research the biggest electricity hogs and consider replacing them with Energy Star® rated models. Don’t forget to collect the rebates offered for buying energy efficient!

G & S Savings

G & S Electric will replace your existing (underground/underneath) electrical panel or fuse box and install a brand new 200 AMP panel with main breaker for only $1,750!

This offer includes labor and material to install a brand new 200 AMP panel with main breaker, 10 new circuit breakers, new meter, new grounding electrode conductor and new ground rods. This service is valued at $2,500, saving our customers up to 30%.

Reducing Energy Costs at Home

The official start of summer is still two months away, but temperatures in the desert are already starting to rise and with them, the cost of your home’s electrical bill. Energy usage during the summer months is typically higher than the rest of the year. Luckily there are some steps that you can take to reduce your usage, resulting in some big savings on your bill. Here are some valuable tips from the experienced electricians at G & S Electric on reducing energy costs at home:

  • Unplug unused devices – devices that stay plugged in to the wall when turned off still draw a small amount of energy, costing the average American household loses up to $200 a year in wasted electricity.
  • Use computers sleep mode – when your computer is not in use, activate the sleep or hibernate mode. Sleep modes can save up to 90% of energy used if the computer were left on. To save even more electricity, completely power down the computer and unplug it when not in use.
  • Turn lights off – encourage those living in your home to turn off electronics and lights when leaving a room. Before leaving the house make a quick walkthrough to check that all lights have been turned off.
  • Control the temperature – during summer it is recommended to keep the thermostat set around 78 degrees. Adding blinds to windows and sliding glass doors will aid in insulating the home from outside heat.

Reducing your energy usage during the summer is easy and can result in big savings on your energy bill. Every kilowatt-hour saved equals about 10 cents, so saving more means more money in your pocket. For more tips on reducing your electric bill contact G & S Electric at 602-493-1135.

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G&S Electric would like to thank Cave Creek Unified School District and Marana Schools for using Arizona Contractors for their HVAC upgrades. G&S Electric has started work on these projects as of 6/27/11. We expanded our workforce to ensure this project will be completed before the new school year. When Arizona Schools choose local Contractors, more money flows into our economy and from that we all win. For more information on how to help boost our economy visit and read about shifting the way you shop.

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