Top Electrical Contractors Stay Grounded

An article on’s site reminds us of the importance of grounding electrical wiring the right way. Being a top electrical contractor in Arizona means staying on top of all connections. Often times electrical contractors will make short cuts when it comes to grounding connections. More inexperienced electricians may operate under the impression that as long as the ground wire is touching metal which does not lead any where or pose a shock risk, the connection is grounded and all is good. This is not how a the best electricians think. NEC rules and standards of safety are very specific and the devils of proper grounding are in the often very small details. Be sure to always choose highly experienced electricians like those at G&S Electric Inc. to manage all of your electrical upgrade needs or new major electrical installations.

In the article “10 Worst Grounding Mistakes,” (add hyper link) the very first item listed is one that can impact many of the valley’s older homes. Replacing non-grounded receptacles, those old two pronged outlets, might seem like an easy fix and upgrade. However, without proper replacement and a correct ground using new receptacles there is a risk of shock to users. Common issues with the old receptacle boxes are floating grounds and neutral tied grounds. These are not proper ways to install new upgrades and can pose a risk of shock. When doing any electrical upgrades it is important to hire a highly trained electrician who won’t take these short cuts. This is what we mean when we say G&S Electrical Inc. has highly reliable electricians. We do not accept short cuts.

Lets say you are doing a kitchen remodel and are upgrading appliances. Code prior to 1996 states that using the neutral as an equipment ground was satisfactory. However, new standards clearly state that

all major appliances require a fourth equipment-grounding conductor. G&S Electric Inc. has been in business for over 25 years. However, we do not operate on standards that are 25 years old. We operate on the latest electrical codes and innovations. This is why we are trustworthy electricians. Our continuing education requirements for all of our top electricians and journeymen keep us up to date to keep you safe. Being a top Phoenix electrician is about staying on top of our trade.

The article mentions a couple of other failures that some electricians may make which we would like to point out as well. Not installing a secondary ground rod when the primary does not have full resistance capacity, failure to reattach metal raceway grounding connections, and failure to bond equipment ground to water pipes are all potential hazards for homeowners and business performing electrical panel upgrades or structural load increases. When looking for an electrician, choose an electrical contractor who is aware of common mistakes that can lead to serious issues like lethal shock or fires. All advertising electricians must be licensed and insured electrical contractors. However would you rather rely on the bonds and insurance of a company, or the knowledge that you have hired a reputable electrical contractor?

G&S Electric Inc. is a top rated electrical contractor serving Phoenix, Maricopa County, and all throughout the state of Arizona. We are family owned trusted electricians who take pride in our trade. Our electricians are courteous, friendly, and provide the best customer service for electrical contractors. We appreciate the ability to make all of those claims. What is more important is that we stay grounded, and do the job right. If you need to upgrade an electrical panel, are contemplating major renovations, or are starting a new build, contact us for free estimates and consulting. It is important to hire the right electrician.




Satisfying the Needs of the Local Semiconductor Companies

If your business is one of the over 143 semiconductor companies in Arizona producing goods and providing good jobs, chances are you are need of an excellent electrical contractor partnership.  Companies that work in technology, chip manufacturing, or semiconductor research have to constantly stay up to date on the latest enhancements in order to remain competitive.

As a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association, G&S Electric Inc. also is able to stay up to date on the latest code developments and industry needs. Semiconductor companies require clean room electrical service work to ensure static particles or other contaminants do not interfere with their final product development. As an Arizona electrical contractor, G&S Electric Inc. has the qualified electricians to perform clean room electrical work.

If you are one of the many semiconductor businesses in Arizona looking for the best Phoenix electricians, we assure you G&S Electric Inc. has top notch electricians who can service clean room needs. Our electricians are highly trained and we have operated as Valley electricians for over 25 years. We are not just top Phoenix electricians, we are top electricians in all of Arizona.

If your manufacturing facility requires upgrades to remain competitive, we want to help your business succeed by providing quality electrical work, trusted electrical services, and more than just a job to get done, we want to develop a relationship with your semiconductor company. We know you will need to upgrade again as new technologies and methods for chip development and semiconductor manufacturing evolve. Your business needs an electrical contractor you can trust in not just for one upgrade, but for the life of your business. That is the type of company G&S Electric Inc. has strived to be, and achieved. When looking for an electrical contractor partner, we hope you will contact G&S Electric Inc. and support local Arizona electricians. We pledge our service and your satisfaction.

Trustful Electrician Service

G&S Electric Inc., a business of local owned and operated electricians, voted top rated Phoenix electricians, is here for all of your electrical needs.

We often work in major manufacturing facilities helping them get things up and running from the start. When you start improve upon existing electrical engineered systems, call G&S Electric Inc. with any questions your business may have.

When you are a manufacturer, the last thing you need to be dealing with is faulty wiring, poor service, or repeat visits from an electrician who can’t seem to get the job done. At G&S Electrical Inc., our highly trained electricians will be on the job until the job is done. If you need to rewire for new machinery, upgrade an electrical panel for expansion, or just increase the load on a line, our top rated electricians promise you can trust in our service and safety.

If you need electrical wiring for your new facility, electrical wiring for warehouse lighting, or any work for any electrical manufacturing needs, contact G&S Electric Inc. today. Our Arizona based electricians can work on electrical wiring for the motors that keep your machinery working or the wiring for alarms that keep your facility safe. We can send a crew out to provide you with professional electrical quotes so you know the budget you need for manufacturing electrical upgrades or manufacturing electrical repairs.

You could try a start up company to handle those big rewiring jobs, or you could choose a group of trusted electricians, with over 25 years experience, to build a relationship that will insure every light bulb works and every tool runs when your business is running. Why take a risk? Choose a reliable electrician by choosing G&S Electric Inc.

From Business Expansion to Re-Organizations, Industrial Electrical Panels Often Need to be Changed.

Service Panel Upgrade

Service Panel Upgrade

480 switch gear

Service Entrance Section


If your business is expanding to take up more space, or re-organizing to reduce over head, most likely you will require upgrades and changes to electrical panels. G&S Electric Inc. a company of top Phoenix electricians helps companies expand or modify existing industrial electrical panels. We have certified electricians that design industrial electrical panel installations to insure all of your electrical and communication needs work for your business.

G&S Electric Inc. offers electrical inspections of existing industrial control panels to ensure that all connections are labeled correctly and installed appropriately. When your business requires changes to electrical panels, relay panels, or industrial electrical design consultation, G&S Electric Inc. has certified electricians available to provide top electrician workmanship.

In the last decade the National Electrical Code (NEC) stated there are many misapplications of industrial control products and that a review of standards for industrial control panels was needed. While there was debate over cluttering of electrical codes for industrial control panels, if your business has not had a review of the control panel, there may be lingering code compliance concerns. That is why it is important to have licensed electrical contractors review the relays and electrical connections in your existing control panels. One of the main problems NEC faced was in dealing with the construction safety and installation of the multitude of control products on the market. There may be a chance the industrial control panel installed in your business is operating dangerously.

G&S Electric Inc. a Phoenix based electrical company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, is a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association. We pride ourself on top electrical workmanship to ensure the safety and electrical efficiency of your business.

If your business is changing, you need a reliable electrician to help modify the electrical needs of your commercial space. We provide excellent customer service and want to develop great customer relationships. Our electricians serve all of Maricopa County. So whether you need an electrician in Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, or Phoenix, we have local electricians with full service trucks in your area. Contact G&S Electric Inc. for all of you business electric needs.

When Will You Find Out If Your Emergency Lighting Is Up To Code?

Is it time for a lighting upgrade

Over the last decade, there have been changes and updates to Emergency Lighting code recommendations, and the electrical code changes may have impacts on older emergency egress electrical systems.

If you own a commercial property, a mutli-unit apartment complex, or lease out an industrial complex, it is your responsibility to ensure proper emergency lighting requirements are installed for the safety of employees and residents.

G&S Electric Inc. provides commercial electrical contractor services. One service our top industrial electricians provide is verifying existing exit lighting is up to code. How do you ensure your exit lighting is up to code for industrial and commercial properties or residential apartment complexes? When is the last time you have had your egress lighting system reviewed by an electrical contractor? Even if you meet the basic emergency egress lighting code requirements, are there improvements to the existing emergency lighting system a qualified electrical contractor could make?

In addition to the changes in code requirements, new technologies have evolved which can create even better emergency lighting. G&S Electric Inc. is a company of safety oriented bonded electricians who pride themselves on providing the best industrial electrical services. This includes upgrading existing emergency lighting systems to the newest technologies offered.

Some new emergency exit light systems are LED based, require less wiring, for reduced labor, and cheaper installs than many older emergency light systems. Our highly trained industrial electricians provide these upgrade services. We have electricians who install emergency lighting systems which have the latest technologies. We have qualified electricians that design emergency exit lighting systems. We have licensed and bonded electricians who monitor and maintain emergency egress lighting.

Emergency lighting systems are a critical safety component to any facility. G&S Electric Inc. wants to ensure your employees and residents are able to exit safely when an emergency happens, or during a power outage. G&S Electrical Inc. electrical contractors are the best electricians in Phoenix, and the surrounding Maricopa County area. If you have concerns about upgrades to an older electrical system, or need electrical design solutions for your commercial property, please contact G&S Electric Inc. for our electrical estimates and electrical consulting.


The Factors that Affect Solar Panel Efficiency

For individuals interested in installing solar panels, the number one concern is typically whether or not the panels will provide enough power to meet their energy needs. To help consumers, solar panels on the market today have been given efficiency ratings based on their ability to turn sunlight into electricity. These ratings allow an accurate assessment for selecting panels of the size and efficiency level that is necessary for your space.

While efficiency of the panels themselves is one of the most important factors in regards to the amount of power a building receives, there are other elements that can have an effect. For this reason, it’s important to work with solar experts to ensure that you receive the highest quality solar power for your home.

The following is a list of factors that can affect the efficiency levels of solar panels:

  • Panel Orientation. Homes with south facing roofs are the best candidates for solar panel installation. While these homes receive the most solar power naturally, homes with roofs facing other directions can receive power of the same quality by making tweaks to the panel design.
  • Roof Tilt. The roof tilt directly affects the amount of time your solar panels have to receive sunlight each day, meaning some roofs have higher efficiency levels than others.
  • Temperature. To make sure solar panels don’t overheat, it’s essential that the panels be installed a few inches above the roof. This allows air to flow through the extra space, cooling the panels in the heat of the sun.
  • Shade. Solar panels should never be installed in shaded areas. With shade, even a small amount on a panel, you run the risk of the entire operation malfunctioning.

By working with a solar energy professional, you can receive a well-designed solar panel system with maximum efficiency for your home. This month, G&S Electric is offering a special on solar efficiency reviews, which will identify cost effective energy solutions both big and small. For more information, please contact G&S Electric today.

Off Grid Solar Power Systems

On grid power is the traditional energy system that the majority of Americans use to power their homes today, but this is slowly changing. An increasing number of households are opting to install off grid solar power systems that require no dependence on utility companies. Due to advances in technology, off grid power systems are now very cost effective and efficient sources of power. They are a great solution for remote homes and cabins as well as any person or family that wants to power their home independently.

Off grid solar power systems require installation of solar panels, which will vary in type and quantity based on your power consumption needs and your location. The following is a list of steps that occur in a typical off grid solar power system:

• Solar panels absorb solar energy directly from the sun.

• The solar energy is then taken and converted into DC power.

• The DC power is administered to a regulator, which is responsible for controlling the amount of power that is required and the amount that is reserved.

• The reserved power is then stored in batteries for use at times when power consumption is higher than the production of DC power.

While reliant on the sun, the battery component of an off grid power system provides strong, reliable power to small billboards, households and more around the clock. In addition to reliability, off grid power systems are also cost effective to use and install. For more information, please contact G&S Electric, the off grid solar power experts.

Electrical Safety Tips for the Holiday Season


With the holiday season approaching, many Arizona homeowners will be busy beautifying their homes and yards with twinkle lights and other decorations. In all of the excitement over the holiday season, important safety concerns are sometimes overlooked. When unsafe conditions are created from overloading an electrical outlet, not using outdoor plugs for yard decorations or any other number of electrical mistakes, significant damage can be done.

To avoid a fire or other damage from occurring at your home this holiday season, contact your provider of electrical services in Phoenix and consider the following electrical safety tips:

  • Before decorating, inspect all plugs on lights and other decorations for frayed wires. Also check your home for broken sockets or loose connections. Throw away all damaged decorations and contact a provider of electrical services in Phoenix to make any necessary repairs.
  • All burnt out light bulbs on a strand should be replaced with a bulb of the correct wattage, which should be listed on the package. A bulb of the wrong size and wattage can cause overheating in the socket.
  • When decorating outdoors, make sure you select a package of lights that is made specifically to withstand conditions, such as rain and snow.
  • Keep lights 10 feet away from all power lines or feeder lines when decorating outside your house and yard areas.
  • Always use plastic or insulated holders or hooks to safely hang lights. Avoid using nails, tacks or staples.
  • Use proper extension cords. Outdoor rated cords can be used both outdoors and indoors, but indoor specific cords should never be used outdoors. Also make sure the extension cord is the correct size for your decoration needs as an overloaded extension cord can reach temperatures hot enough to start a fire.
  • To avoid overheating and other accidents, extension cords should never run under carpets or rugs.
  • Homeowners tend to overload outlets during the holidays. To determine how many lights you can safely string together, find out the wattage for each bulb. Multiply the wattage number by the total number of lights. For safety, the maximum number should be no more than 1400.
  • A circuit breaker that constantly trips is either overloaded or needs to be replaced. Contact a provider of electrical services in Phoenix to take a closer look.
  • Always turn off lights and decorations before leaving your home for an extended period or going to sleep for the night.

For all electrical services in Phoenix this holiday season, contact G&S Electric, a licensed and insured Arizona electrical contracting company. Our family owned business has been in operation for over 25 years and has expert skills in installation and repairs for a wide variety of electrical projects. We strive to provide the highest quality service as customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Please give us a call today at (602) 493-1135 or contact us online to learn more about electrical services in Phoenix.


The Financial Benefits of Solar Panels

When you use grid power, you are constantly incurring a cost. Electricity is already pricey and the cost only continues to rise each year at a rate of 4 to 7 percent. The reason for this increase in price is that grid power relies on nonrenewable energy sources, which are very gradually running dry. The demand for energy will stay relatively consistent, but the supply will continuously decrease. Using the laws of economics, we can see why the price will steadily increase over time in regards to traditional energy. So what is the alternative?

To avoid these extreme price increases, you should consider investing in solar energy in Arizona. Solar panels don’t rely on nonrenewable energy sources like grid power, but rather a power source that is abundant: the sun. The following is a list of benefits you will receive from installing a power system that runs on solar energy in Arizona:

Reduced Energy Costs

Solar panels only require the sun’s abundant, natural light to function, so you can save money on power now and rest at ease knowing you won’t have to pay a fortune years from now when energy costs have skyrocketed. Some systems work along with a traditional power grid, but even then no other fossil fuels or solar thermal heating systems are needed for the solar power system to work. By installing solar panels, you can reduce your current energy costs by as much as 50 percent. Another perk of the solar power system is that if it generates more energy than you use, the surplus energy will be sent to the main power grid and you can receive a credit on your bill.

Home Value

When you add solar energy in Arizona homes, you can expect an increase of approximately $20 in home value for every dollar saved in energy costs per year. The average life span of a solar panel system is between 25 and 35 years, so you could receive up to an $8,500 home value increase. With the cost reduction on your energy bills and increase in home value, your solar power system can actually pay for itself in three to five years.

Tax Incentives

Federal and state governments offer tax incentives to encourage homeowners to install solar energy in Arizona. The average solar panel system can cost up to $22,000 to install, but the tax credits can make the cost much more affordable. The IRS and U.S. Department of Energy offer a tax credit of up to 30% of the cost that coupled with the state and utility rebates can cover up to 50% of the total cost.

Solar panel energy systems will be beneficial for you now and in the future, especially in terms of cost saved.  At G&S Electric, a premier company specializing in solar energy in Arizona, we have a team of experienced professionals who can share their knowledge on solar panel systems and walk you through the process of installation at your home. Please give us a call today at (602) 493-1135 or contact us online to learn more about solar energy in Arizona.

5 Benefits of Solar Power

The concern over American dependence on limited resources, such as fossil fuels, has forced a dramatic shift in the attitudes toward alternative energy sources. Solar power in Arizona is a great alternative energy source because it is plentiful and doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. The sun generates more than 10,000 times the amount of energy the entire world consumes annually. Because of our sunny climate, we should be taking advantage of solar power in Arizona.

The following are 5 benefits of using solar power:

1. Abundance of Sun’s Energy

The sun generates far more energy than people consume around the world each year. With the proper equipment, utilizing solar energy is incredibly easy.

2. Low-Maintenance Panels

Once solar panels are installed, they require fairly little maintenance. Dirt, pollen and dust can build up on solar panels throughout the year though, so you should clean them once or twice each year to keep them in top condition.

3. Advances in Efficiency

The efficiently in collecting solar energy had vastly improved over the recent years, with over a 40 percent increase in efficiency since the invention of photovoltaic cells. The cost of solar panels is also decreasing due to new methods in production, which are more cost-efficient.

4. Less Pollution

Solar power is considered to be greener as it does not release harmful CO2 into the atmosphere. The power behind solar energy, photovoltaic cells, produces almost no pollution during a lifetime of use, typically about 30 years.

5. Low Cost

Beyond the cost of installation and a little maintenance, solar energy is completely free. It doesn’t require the expensive and ongoing materials like oil or coal and requires a much lower operational labor fee than conventional power production.

Solar energy is the energy of the future. There are already a many benefits that come from this energy source. At G&S Electric, we have a team of experienced professionals who are well versed in solar systems in addition to more traditional electric needs. Please give us a call today at (602) 493-1135 or visit us online to learn more about solar power in Arizona.

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