Trustful Electrician Service

G&S Electric Inc., a business of local owned and operated electricians, voted top rated Phoenix electricians, is here for all of your electrical needs.

We often work in major manufacturing facilities helping them get things up and running from the start. When you start improve upon existing electrical engineered systems, call G&S Electric Inc. with any questions your business may have.

When you are a manufacturer, the last thing you need to be dealing with is faulty wiring, poor service, or repeat visits from an electrician who can’t seem to get the job done. At G&S Electrical Inc., our highly trained electricians will be on the job until the job is done. If you need to rewire for new machinery, upgrade an electrical panel for expansion, or just increase the load on a line, our top rated electricians promise you can trust in our service and safety.

If you need electrical wiring for your new facility, electrical wiring for warehouse lighting, or any work for any electrical manufacturing needs, contact G&S Electric Inc. today. Our Arizona based electricians can work on electrical wiring for the motors that keep your machinery working or the wiring for alarms that keep your facility safe. We can send a crew out to provide you with professional electrical quotes so you know the budget you need for manufacturing electrical upgrades or manufacturing electrical repairs.

You could try a start up company to handle those big rewiring jobs, or you could choose a group of trusted electricians, with over 25 years experience, to build a relationship that will insure every light bulb works and every tool runs when your business is running. Why take a risk? Choose a reliable electrician by choosing G&S Electric Inc.

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