When Will You Find Out If Your Emergency Lighting Is Up To Code?

Is it time for a lighting upgrade

Over the last decade, there have been changes and updates to Emergency Lighting code recommendations, and the electrical code changes may have impacts on older emergency egress electrical systems.

If you own a commercial property, a mutli-unit apartment complex, or lease out an industrial complex, it is your responsibility to ensure proper emergency lighting requirements are installed for the safety of employees and residents.

G&S Electric Inc. provides commercial electrical contractor services. One service our top industrial electricians provide is verifying existing exit lighting is up to code. How do you ensure your exit lighting is up to code for industrial and commercial properties or residential apartment complexes? When is the last time you have had your egress lighting system reviewed by an electrical contractor? Even if you meet the basic emergency egress lighting code requirements, are there improvements to the existing emergency lighting system a qualified electrical contractor could make?

In addition to the changes in code requirements, new technologies have evolved which can create even better emergency lighting. G&S Electric Inc. is a company of safety oriented bonded electricians who pride themselves on providing the best industrial electrical services. This includes upgrading existing emergency lighting systems to the newest technologies offered.

Some new emergency exit light systems are LED based, require less wiring, for reduced labor, and cheaper installs than many older emergency light systems. Our highly trained industrial electricians provide these upgrade services. We have electricians who install emergency lighting systems which have the latest technologies. We have qualified electricians that design emergency exit lighting systems. We have licensed and bonded electricians who monitor and maintain emergency egress lighting.

Emergency lighting systems are a critical safety component to any facility. G&S Electric Inc. wants to ensure your employees and residents are able to exit safely when an emergency happens, or during a power outage. G&S Electrical Inc. electrical contractors are the best electricians in Phoenix, and the surrounding Maricopa County area. If you have concerns about upgrades to an older electrical system, or need electrical design solutions for your commercial property, please contact G&S Electric Inc. for our electrical estimates and electrical consulting.


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