Electrical Safety Tips for the Holiday Season


With the holiday season approaching, many Arizona homeowners will be busy beautifying their homes and yards with twinkle lights and other decorations. In all of the excitement over the holiday season, important safety concerns are sometimes overlooked. When unsafe conditions are created from overloading an electrical outlet, not using outdoor plugs for yard decorations or any other number of electrical mistakes, significant damage can be done.

To avoid a fire or other damage from occurring at your home this holiday season, contact your provider of electrical services in Phoenix and consider the following electrical safety tips:

  • Before decorating, inspect all plugs on lights and other decorations for frayed wires. Also check your home for broken sockets or loose connections. Throw away all damaged decorations and contact a provider of electrical services in Phoenix to make any necessary repairs.
  • All burnt out light bulbs on a strand should be replaced with a bulb of the correct wattage, which should be listed on the package. A bulb of the wrong size and wattage can cause overheating in the socket.
  • When decorating outdoors, make sure you select a package of lights that is made specifically to withstand conditions, such as rain and snow.
  • Keep lights 10 feet away from all power lines or feeder lines when decorating outside your house and yard areas.
  • Always use plastic or insulated holders or hooks to safely hang lights. Avoid using nails, tacks or staples.
  • Use proper extension cords. Outdoor rated cords can be used both outdoors and indoors, but indoor specific cords should never be used outdoors. Also make sure the extension cord is the correct size for your decoration needs as an overloaded extension cord can reach temperatures hot enough to start a fire.
  • To avoid overheating and other accidents, extension cords should never run under carpets or rugs.
  • Homeowners tend to overload outlets during the holidays. To determine how many lights you can safely string together, find out the wattage for each bulb. Multiply the wattage number by the total number of lights. For safety, the maximum number should be no more than 1400.
  • A circuit breaker that constantly trips is either overloaded or needs to be replaced. Contact a provider of electrical services in Phoenix to take a closer look.
  • Always turn off lights and decorations before leaving your home for an extended period or going to sleep for the night.

For all electrical services in Phoenix this holiday season, contact G&S Electric, a licensed and insured Arizona electrical contracting company. Our family owned business has been in operation for over 25 years and has expert skills in installation and repairs for a wide variety of electrical projects. We strive to provide the highest quality service as customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Please give us a call today at (602) 493-1135 or contact us online to learn more about electrical services in Phoenix.


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