Energy Saving Investments for the Home

Summer temperatures have arrived and with them, high electric bills. Here are a few tips to help make your home more efficient, effectively reducing your energy bills.

  • Install a whole house fan

A whole house fan is installed in the attic and is designed to draw cool air in and force hot air out.

  • Seal your ducts

Leaking duct work can account for up to 25 percent of cooling costs in your home. Have your ducts tested and have any leaks or restrictions repaired by a qualified contractor.

  • Replace old appliances with Energy Star® models

Old appliances can be operating inefficiently and sapping energy. Research the biggest electricity hogs and consider replacing them with Energy Star® rated models. Don’t forget to collect the rebates offered for buying energy efficient!

G & S Savings

G & S Electric will replace your existing (underground/underneath) electrical panel or fuse box and install a brand new 200 AMP panel with main breaker for only $1,750!

This offer includes labor and material to install a brand new 200 AMP panel with main breaker, 10 new circuit breakers, new meter, new grounding electrode conductor and new ground rods. This service is valued at $2,500, saving our customers up to 30%.

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