When to Call an Electrician

You likely know how to replace a light bulb on your own, but what about replacing circuit breaker? There may be times when you encounter electrical problems and are unsure of whether you should call an electrician or attempt the project yourself. To help, the expert electricians at G & S Electric have compiled a list of electrical problems that require a professional. A basic rule to always remember: if you are dealing with any type of voltage and unsure of how to proceed, contact an electrician.

Apart from basic electrical tasks, like replacing switches, call a licensed electrician to complete the job. Here are some examples of times you should call an electrician:

  • Wiring projects
  • Replacing circuit breakers
  • When appliances around the house turn on and the lights dim
  • If you smell electricity burning
  • Adding new outlets
  • Any electrical project you do not fully understand how to complete on your own

Any time the electricity is being worked on in your home, by a professional or yourself, the other occupants of the home should be notified to prevent them from interfering with the work or causing an accident. Electricians are trained professionals and have the experience necessary to safely work with electricity in your home.

G & S Electric offers electrical and solar services across Arizona. If you have a project involving electricity, stay safe and call a professional electrician. Contact us or call (602) 493-1135 to schedule an appointment.

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