What’s it worth to ya?

Phx FMD 2If you think long standing housing appraisers are equipped to answer this question for you, take a minute to think again. It wasn’t until just last year, January 2012, that the Appraisal Institute officially backed a form of solar valuation tool.

While we are pleased the housing appraisal industry is finally looking at how to evaluate solar appraisal and valuation, this is something G&S Electric Inc. has been doing for years. We will not comment on the effectiveness of a tool just starting to be used, but we will speak to our reliability and experience to inform you what that photovoltaic energy system is truly worth.

Evaluating and analyzing a photovoltaic energy system is something that should only be done by certified system installers who provide the complete cycle of installation. G&S Electric Inc. has offered these services for years.

No matter who the installer of the system was, if you truly want to know what a solar power system is worth, contact us for an evaluation. We will do onsite review to determine if the connections were made accurately, the appropriate sensitivity of panels was installed, if shading has decreased efficiencies, if upgrades are required, or just the over all total property valuation increase with the solar installation.

The good news is, it seems there is always a property value increase when adding solar. If you are a seller, make sure you get every dollar you deserve. If you are a buyer, make sure you are getting the deal you are being told you have.

G&S Electric Inc. did not have to install the system to provide you with the accurate assessment. We are trained and certified electricians with specialties in Photovoltaic Energy efficiencies. Don’t be left in the dark, or short in the wallet. Give us a call for an honest and highly educated appraisal.”

Solar appraisers, solar repair, listing agents and property managers, if you need to know if your solar system is functioning properly, how much energy it will produce in the future and what it’s net present value is contact Matt Taft with G&S Electric Inc.. 480-225-6101

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