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Advances in LED technologies have given us bright digital billboards that beam out advertisements and information to us all across our nations highways. While the average house hold uses around 11,000 kilowatt hours, some of the more advanced digital billboards can use up to 320,000 kilowatt hours annually. That’s quite a draw from the grid.

We already talked about who is installing solar powered cell phone towers in Arizona. So, it’s a good thing that G&S Electric Inc, a solar electric contractor is actively installing off-grid PV Solar digital billboard signs as well. As a solar electric contractor with top Phoenix electricians, we are encouraging companies that install digital billboards to use off-grid solar power to light up the powerful LED signs.

Our experience with off-grid cell phone towers as an electrical union contractor adds to the benefits we can bring to the table for off-grid digital billboard installations too. Along those remote regions of I-40, I-10, and remote locations across Indian Reservations, G&S Electric Inc is installing those bright powerful digital billboards that tell you where the nearest casino is, or where the next stop for food or gas is located. We are a top solar installer in Phoenix, AZ but our reach is statewide. From solar power cabins in the north to off-grid photovoltaic solar air conditioners right in your neighborhood, we are helping all aspects of society start living off-grid.

If you are searching for a solar electric installer in Arizona, even if you live in No Where, Arizona (where we are installing off-grid PV solar systems) we can be the solar electric contractor you need. Give G&S Electric Inc. a call and let’s talk about what you want to do with solar power.

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