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ASU Solar

ASU Solar

We are in the depths of triple digit temperatures here in sunny Arizona. In these high temperatures our nations power grid is put to the test more so than any other time of year. Hot weather weakens the electric grid in many ways. Firstly, the increased temperatures decrease the efficiency of the grid by expanding the metal wires that carry electricity to our homes. With higher temperatures, residences and offices rely on power consuming air conditioners that put even more of a strain on the system. Limited power injection points also place higher strain in peak demand temperatures, weakening the voltage our homes receive and placing greater wear and tear on our appliances that depend on that voltage.

Therefore, home owners and commercial property managers who are switching to solar power, are not only benefiting their own energy consumption, they are benefiting others as well. Transitioning to photovoltaic panels to power even a portion of the electricity use can go a long way to lower the burden on our national grid. A grid tied solar power system can also benefit the grid by acting as a power injection point to strengthen the voltage running through local lines.

Leveraging new technologies like solar powered air conditioners, solar powered water heaters, or solar powered washer and drier appliances can also provide a boost to the nations grid. These large electricity demanding consumer appliances place an immense amount of strain on the grid. If all of the homes in the state of Arizona transferred these appliances to solar powered alternatives, our energy prices would surely drop, and the national grid would get a reprieve from such high demand in the hot summer months.

Switching to solar power is not just an altruistic idea. However, photovoltaic panels can provide benefit to the community, even if unintended. It’s an added bonus in converting to a grid tied solar power system. Excess solar energy is fed back into the system, the home solar owner can even receive payment for the solar power return. Even starting with a small photovoltaic panel system can help the home owner save money and unknowingly help prevent power outages by reducing demand.

Solar energy panels can provide your home with plenty of electricity to offset demands and peak energy expenses. Our main concern is how you, the consumer, understands solar energy advantages. A social connection is just one by-product of using solar power. The individual home owner or commercial property manager can benefit in many ways. Solar power energy is a great asset, especially in these hot summer months.

To find out how much electricity you can save by switching to a renewable energy source like solar panels, please contact G&S Electric Inc. for a complete home or office assessment.


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