Still Day Dreaming about Off-Grid? Here’s a morsel for your solar energy hunger!


As we idealize what it would be like to go off-grid and survive on alternative energy sources like photovoltaic solar panels, we should begin with the right parameters. It can be challenging to transform any structure into a grid-tied solar electrical system. Sun exposure is obviously key. So the challenge of doing an off-grid solar system design and installation can be even greater for existing structures. Instead, we should be looking to progressive green architecture that is built with photovoltaic energy systems in mind.

A new structure designed with the purpose of leveraging the Sun’s power is much easier to integrate solar panel systems sufficient enough to remain off-grid. It is important for those with the financial resources to hire a green architect and green contractors to work with Arizona solar establishments who have qualified solar system designers like G&S Electric Inc. G&S Electric Inc. can certainly transform any structure-free property into an off-grid solar energy system.

As technology grows from investments in solar power and demand for off-grid and sustainable energy resources increases, we will continue to see lowering costs for solar installation as well as solar materials. The future of solar integrated technologies will be astounding, once it becomes affordable for the average home or commercial property. The newest solar technologies such as thin-film photovoltaics will start to be integrated into the actual materials of the building. Your shingles will be the new solar panels. The roof, car ports, and other aspects of the actual building structures will be able to harness the energy of the Sun. Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) still has yet to move beyond testing and design phases. Thin-film photovoltaic efficiencies still need to be improved.
Estimates for average home owners to be able to go off-grid using BIPV is still 15 to 20 years out. Once thin-film and BIPV technologies are able to be mass produced, the cost of solar power installation systems will begin to reduce tremendously. These new building materials that integrate solar energy will replace older construction materials, creating a dual purpose product.

G&S Electricity Inc. will be there ready to upgrade the solar panels we are installing today into the new market materials the future of photovoltaics holds. For now, we encourage everyone to consult with a G&S Electric Inc. representative for a free solar services evaluation. You may not be able to go off-grid just yet, however in Arizona solar electric options are plentiful. With our commitment to solar system monitoring, we are confident our customers will already have a strong relationship when the time comes for you to move off-grid!

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