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Cost is always a concern for any solar panel installation, regardless if it is a residential photovoltaic system, or a commercial PV power system. Solar panels today are quite affordable and there exist many government solar subsidies, utility solar power buy back programs, as well as solar tax breaks which make converting to solar power an attractive option for any business or home owner.

However, G&S Electric Inc. looks forward to the day when every home owner and business sees solar power not as just a cost investment opportunity, but a profit making opportunity. Grid tied solar systems allow home owners to sell back the excess solar power generated from photovoltaic panels. The panels are large and the efficiencies are the best they can be, but there is an opportunity for improvement in solar panel efficiencies.

G&S Electric Inc., a top solar contractor in Arizona, is always on the look out for the latest breakthroughs in solar technology. The newest breakthrough comes from Stanford University, where scientists have made nano sized materials that can absorb 99% of particular light wave lengths. The work being done at Stanford means that solar panels may surpass the emerging thin film solar options to ultra-thin film solar energy conversion systems, thinner than a piece of paper. By reducing the size of materials needed, technology will allow for the cheapest solar panels to be manufactured.

Solar power is here to stay and it is evolving at a rapid pace. G&S Electric Inc., wants to keep you informed of the latest solar technology that we hope to be installing soon. Imagine having a solar panel thinner than your shingles?

G&S Electric Inc. are a team of top Phoenix electricians and knowledgeable solar electric contractors. We wish to develop partnerships with you, the consumer of solar power energy, and to continue to inform you of options to upgrade the efficiencies of your PV solar system. Imagine owning an off-grid solar energy system that allows you to store almost all of the sun light received. It is coming and G&S Electric Inc. will be installing powerful solar energy systems across the valley. Start using G&S Electric Inc. now as your electrical union contractor and you can be assured that as powerful new solar technology becomes available to market, we will be there to inform you and install the PV solar system that is right for your home or office.

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