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Net Metering

Net Metering



Does it take an accountant to understand that a 40% decline in any year over year quarter is indicative of a drastic shift in consumer demand? G&S Electric Inc.’s accountant would probably tell you, “No.”


The ACC denied that there would be a negative impact to small businesses like G&S Electric Inc, when we (Arizona Voters, Union Electricians, local Small Business Owners, and International Corporations) stood before the ACC last November and asked that they consider the negative impact to the “local solar economy.” The concern of the public, the businesses supporting the industry, and large international corporate investors was a predicted decrease in consumer demand for roof top solar installations based on the proposed additional fees.


Additionally, members of the ACC Staff concluded in their report that the solar net-metering fee was not necessary and no changes should be made until the next rate hearing scheduled for 2016. The concern was also with regard to slowing the adoption of solar solutions by decreasing demand creating financial damage to the solar industry.


The ACC responded to their own staff recommendations, G&S Electric Inc’s own Director of Sales Matt Taft, and thousands of other community members stating that a justifiable financial need was demonstrated by the utility commodity producer, manager, distributor, and holding company, APS.


APS (the money maker of its publicly traded parent company) is the largest owner of the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Generating Station at 29.1%. It was awarded the increased revenue via the additional fee imposed upon customers of APS which adopt roof top solar energy options in order for the commodity producer, seller, trade benefactor, and managing partner to remain solvent and profitable.


The Arizona solar industry that was booming has suddenly taken a 40% decrease in demand. Small businesses’ ability to maintain revenues and profit margins has diminished and companies must operate on tighter budgets. The State of Arizona is not able actualize the benefit from business to business sales, business to consumer sales, employment of diversified skilled labor and highly trained educated graduates, the ability to employ new electrical journeymen and all the supporting businesses like t-shirt makers, logo printers, web developers, electronic funds processors, local vehicle service shops, graphic artists, and media content management start-ups…


G&S Electric Inc. is one of many companies of electrical contractors and roof top solar experts fighting for their small business to remain profitable. This is not about money in our pockets, but food on the table for the many excellent electricians G&S Electric Inc. employs. The G&S Electric Inc. fight for access to solar electric options is about energy independence that should empower our customers. The fight to keep revenues and commerce growing in the United States is one G&S Electric Inc. has led by sourcing local Phoenix solar solutions, and domestic solar panel manufacturers. G&S Electric Inc. enjoys the business we are in, and we have no intention of shutting our doors any time soon. Please join us in supporting roof top solar. Please join us in supporting growth for Arizona.


Choose solar. Choose Energy Independence. Choose Prosperity for Arizona.

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