Solar Siths -Selling the Future of America to Servitude

Arizona is just one of many states that is being sold in servitude to the oligopolies which control our nations wealth and progress. In November 2013, an organization which had began funding campaigns to negatively influence public opinion on roof top solar saw its first victory when the Arizona Corporation Commission fell victim to corruption and granted a $5/mo “solar tax” to APS roof top solar customers.


States across the nation are suddenly finding themselves passing initiatives into law designed by groups like the “American Legislative Exchange Council.” The new laws aim to deter free citizens from progressive energy independence by imposing unfair and unsubstantiated financial burden on adopters of solar solutions. The efforts of ill-backed non-profits and political action committees are paying off the owners of industry, and killing off the small business owner’s ability to succeed. The once booming economy of the solar industry, and the many business to business stabilizing revenues, are flailing to survive. The money will flow back to big-oil, the pipeline owners, and the grid puppeteers.


The most notable public entity is the financial power of the Koch brothers and their privately held company Koch Industries. A Bloomberg report lists the combined wealth of the Koch brothers to be over 100 billion United States dollars. Koch Industries makes its profit from oil refineries, pipelines, commodities trading, large scale industrial ranching, paper pulp industries, and the recently acquired electronic components manufacturer.


The wealth of the Koch brothers is spent to ensure their continued success by funneling money into organizations they control like the American Legislative Exchange Council -the entity responsible for writing the laws being passed, the Cato Institute -a libertarian political policy think tank that pushes agendas forward, 60 Plus -the non-profit advertising agency responsible for negative solar public opinion advertisement campaigns, and many other organizations quietly impacting our quality of life and consumer choice.


So those who own the oil refineries, the pipelines, the utility trading advisory board, the utility companies themselves, the legislative advising organizations, the advertising agencies, and the politician nominating, supporting, and funding organizations are the same people who are leading the fight against the solar economy.


The Arizona Corporation Commission has four out of five members who are members of the Koch brothers “American Legislative Exchange Council.” The Koch owned ALEC writes the policy, the Koch influenced EEI writes the investment strategy and sounded the warnings of utility insolvency, and the Koch affiliated regulating authority -the Arizona Corporation Commission, approved measures to tax Arizona citizens for adopting roof top solar.


There is a real, tangible, and plainly understood organized effort to diminish the much needed growing solar economy. The trail of influence is published by many media outlets linking the trends across our country that is deliberately designed to ensure a level of control of power and resources (energy and money) is maintained by a very wealthy few.  While there may be no conspiracy to prevent small businesses and citizens from achieving greater prosperity, the result from orchestrating an environment that deliberately suppresses energy independence and consumer choice degrades us. Economical growth in the form of small businesses will be diminished if oligopolies are permitted to maintain control of both energy and revenue. A “dark side of the force” exists, and we can see it plainly working and winning its scheme.


G&S Electric Inc. does not promote any particular politician, political party, or subscribe to any conspiracy theories. We are a small, woman owned business of electrical contractors who believe in the American idea of prosperity for all. We believe in the advancement of Arizona’s solar industry and the boom to our local economy. We believe in the right of the citizen to choose energy independence. We believe in roof top solar. We encourage our customers and solar supporters to be as knowledgeable as they can be about the facts and the influences on our government. Your choices as a consumer are being unfairly taxed. Please take the time to review the links below. Numerous media outlets provide valuable information. Choose solar, choose energy independence, choose prosperity.

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