Solar Panels Exceed Expectations, Lake Havasu City Solar Saves Taxpayers Money

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Lake Havasu City transformed parking lots and retro fit shade structures with photovoltaic panels. The move was part of an effort for the city to become more energy efficient. Four city buildings have now been fitted to run on photovoltaic energy. Initial estimates in transforming parking lots to solar power stations predicted an annual savings of around a quarter million dollars. When the benefits of photovoltaic panels were examined ten months in, they saw the actual savings to be around half a million dollars. That is almost a full quarter increase in unexpected benefit. The city took a risk in switching to solar panel installations and realized an amazing benefit. Additionally, the contract with the management of the renewable energy source locked in rates with graduated increases that will remain below competing utility price increases. Wouldn’t it be nice if every city in Arizona embraced the benefits of switching to solar?

The Lake Havasu solar project has been so successful that city officials are beginning to review photovoltaic expansion plans. Although no timetable has been releases, major solar panel installation projects for waste water treatment and water treatment facilities are likely to be the next photovoltaic panel expansion centers. The city decided to pay for the costs over 20 years through the energy purchasing program, avoiding upfront taxpayer costs for the installation. Lake Havasu City does not own the photovoltaic panels and steel beams used in construction, a common practice in roof top solar as well as large scale photovoltaic installation projects.

Members of the Arizona Corporation Commission like Gary Pierce continue to claim large utility Companies like APS are in need of additional revenues in the form of new roof top solar fees and increases in electricity rates. Lake Havasu City is a great example of how switching to solar can save on government expenses and tax payer burdens.

G&S Electric Inc., a Phoenix/Tempe based licensed bonded solar panel installer pays taxes. Just like our employees and customers, we are all taxpayers. G&S Electric Inc. is a top rated photovoltaic panel installer. Any one can read by our blogs that we are strong supporters of the Arizona Solar Economy. We get very excited to hear photovoltaic panel experiences which exceed customer expectations. G&S Electric Inc. works as Tempe photovoltaic panel electrical engineering consultants and contractors. We want to know what municipality is next? How can G&S Electric Inc. help your town or city convert to solar energy?

Are expert solar panel installers needed in Bisbee? Is there a need for photovoltaic engineering in Wickenburg? Which will be the next city to have renewable solar energy benefits exceed their predictions? How long before G&S Electric Inc. sees Miami photovoltaic panel electricity projects? Are their rumblings for solar panel installation experts in Prescott? G&S Electric Inc. encourages taxpayers to push for more Arizona Solar. As top solar contractors, G&S Electric Inc. wants to highlight city officials like those in Lake Havasu. Did we forget to mention the city hired 80% of the work force needed to build the new photovoltaic shade structures from the residents of their very own city.

The Lake Havasu City municipal photovoltaic conversion projects required no upfront burden to taxpayers. The major retro-fit solar project reduced energy costs by half a million dollars, exceeding the quarter million projection. The contract locked in electricity rate increases over the next 20 years. The municipal solar energy conversion project employed local residents, funneling money back into the local economy. G&S Electric Inc. believes this is the future of the Arizona Solar Economy. Join us and let us help your municipality enjoy the benefits of exceeded expectations.

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