Solar is not Political, it is Important

Last month the Phoenix New Times published a report that the President’s non-profit, Organizing for Action, has weighed in on the current Arizona solar energy debate. The non-profit has a link ( for people of Arizona to show support for clean energy in Arizona. The New Times questions if this is a trick for collecting possible donors or a genuine petition for the Arizona Corporation Commission to maintain the current net-metering practices. For certain, when the Arizona Clean Energy form is completed, the next page asks for a donation to the organization. In contrast, the local, heavily republican influenced organization, TUSK ( provides a petition letter directly to the Arizona Corporation Commission, and also has links to contribute to the cause.

The article goes on to point out the differences in voices from our mostly two political party system to the all-republican five member Arizona Corporation Commission. Our concern in hearing this type of rhetoric is that politicizing the issue will push people away from the importance of the topic. Changes in net-metering rates and solar taxes are not beneficial to Arizona no matter what political party you affiliate with.

All Arizonans should speak up now to inform the Arizona Corporation Commission that they support maintaining the current solar net-metering and solar tax subsidies. As a government organization, all of the contact information you need to reach out to the ACC is available on their website, including the public emails of the individual ACC committee. (

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If you do support clean energy in Arizona, we do ask you to make your voice heard, in what ever format you choose!

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