Road Tripping: an off-grid guide to staying connected.

Cell tower
Have you ever road tripped from Phoenix to Las Vegas? Do you like to road trip from Phoenix to San Diego? How about Phoenix to Los Angeles? Phoenix to Laguna? Phoenix to Bisbee?

Have you ever driven across the Arizona to California desert and worried about your cellular connection in Death Valley? Driven from Phoenix to Santa Fe and wondered how you stay connected to a cellular tower in Native American Reservation territories?

Well, here at G&S Electric Inc, a solar contractor of top Phoenix electricians and Union Contractor for PV installations, we are the ones who keep you connected.

All across remote desert regions we supply off-grid cellular tower technologies that ensure if your car breaks down, your spare goes flat, your journey comes to an abrupt stop, you remain connected. I’ve been stranded from Quartzite to Blythe and with the good fortune of a solar powered cellular tower, that G&S Electric Inc contractors install, was able to connect to a remote Enterprise Car Rental Agency which rescued me from desert isolation to Coachella Music Festival enjoyment in less than an hour.

Without solar powered cell phone towers in Arizona and California, across the Nevada desert, and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in Utah, you do not have a cellular connection.

Off-grid solar installers like G&S Electric Inc keep all of our families safe and connected. So when you think about investing in solar power, installing a photovoltaic system in your home, or creating an off-grid Prepper retreat site, we hope you think about qualified solar electrical contractors like us. We are thinking about you.

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