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Happy Prepping!!

What are you doing the weekend of April 26th-28th? Why not stop by the PrepperfestAZ 2013 Expo and say “hello” to G&S Electric Inc?

The PrepperFestAZ Expo will be sharing concepts and ideas for successful disaster preparation including: Education, Community, Permaculture, Animal Husbandry, Ham Radio communications, and Vendors who support the community of Preppers (like us!!) We have attached the flyer to this post which gets you $2.00 off admission fees, because we like you.

Preparing for disaster survival is not just for people on the fringe. It is a growing group of intelligent -community and family minded individuals- who want to sustain a civilized society in the face of worst case scenarios.

G&S Electric Inc. is a proud supporter of Prepper culture. If you are interested in how we can support a Prepping community, stop by and talk to us about our Solar Power systems. As a leading Arizona Solar Contractor, G&S Electric Inc. is fully capable of assessing and designing a solar power system for your homes and properties. Ideally, most Preppers want an off-grid solar system installation to have around the clock energy and power whether the National Power Grid is up and running or not. Guess who has the experience and ability designing, installing, and monitoring off-grid solar systems? G&S Electric Inc. Solar Division, that is who!!

If we are unfortunate enough to experience a disaster on a scale large enough to take down the power grid in our area, even temporarily, these are the people you are going to want to know or be! G&S Electric Inc. hopes to see you at the PrepperFestAZ Expo. If you cannot make it, and are still interested in off-grid solar analysis, give us a call or complete the information request form and we will get in touch with you to discuss all of your solar needs!!

Happy Prepping Arizona!!

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