Off Grid Solar Power Systems

On grid power is the traditional energy system that the majority of Americans use to power their homes today, but this is slowly changing. An increasing number of households are opting to install off grid solar power systems that require no dependence on utility companies. Due to advances in technology, off grid power systems are now very cost effective and efficient sources of power. They are a great solution for remote homes and cabins as well as any person or family that wants to power their home independently.

Off grid solar power systems require installation of solar panels, which will vary in type and quantity based on your power consumption needs and your location. The following is a list of steps that occur in a typical off grid solar power system:

• Solar panels absorb solar energy directly from the sun.

• The solar energy is then taken and converted into DC power.

• The DC power is administered to a regulator, which is responsible for controlling the amount of power that is required and the amount that is reserved.

• The reserved power is then stored in batteries for use at times when power consumption is higher than the production of DC power.

While reliant on the sun, the battery component of an off grid power system provides strong, reliable power to small billboards, households and more around the clock. In addition to reliability, off grid power systems are also cost effective to use and install. For more information, please contact G&S Electric, the off grid solar power experts.

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