Let’s Revisit Going Off the Grid and Skipping the Utilities:

Now more than ever is a time to push for a residential off-grid solar power system.

Currently there is a debate between APS and the Arizona Corporation Commission regarding the solar subsidies and net-metering buy back of solar power. A recent article by the Arizona Daily Sun, again points out the amount of conflict and confusing rhetoric in which the current solar debate resides. The article basically acknowledges that there is a cost to maintaining a power grid and that roof top solar should contribute. Then it compares roof top solar owners to cell phone owners who are not required to pay for land line fees? Quite differing statements. As a top solar panel installation contractor in Arizona, let’s just stop at that analogy.

We have seen an economical benefit in Arizona with the influx of newly qualified electrician companies and new solar start up companies all vying for a piece of the pie. We appreciate that about our open market and hope that our 27 years of trusted electrical service guides you to choose G&S Electric Inc. as your roof top solar installer. However, the fact remains that this solar economy could collapse if any changes are made to the current solar subsidy structure. A down turn in Arizona Solar is not good for any one. The solar tax benefits have not been around long enough to develop a sustainable solar market on their own. The utilities could be accused of making a power grab to control solar customers before the solar customer base grows too large and invested. So let’s skip the whole debate and install an off-grid roof top solar system to show APS that we don’t need their utility line.

We have enough solar exposure in the valley of the sun to turn any property into an off-grid solar power system. If you have the ability to invest in solar now, you could be saving yourself tens of thousands in utility fees over the life of your property. Heck, even starting with a small grid-tied solar system now may permit you to be eligible for the proposed grandfather clause, avoiding the change in rates for 20 years. That should be plenty of time for any serious roof-top solar investment to be upgraded to off-grid solar.

While the article we have shared starts with the promising growth of solar panel installations since 2006, the fact is that boom would not have happened without solar subsidies. The article attempts to stay neutral about the Arizona solar debate, however, by stating an issue does exist for APS, they are inherently backing a change in solar subsidies for Arizona home owners. We are not convinced APS has demonstrated a need for changing solar subsidies at this time and feel it’s a non-issue. A quote from the article states that “Fortunately, the dispute appears to come down to negotiable pricing and rates of return, not whether the solar technology itself is viable.” Unfortunately, for most Arizonans this is not true. Without subsidies and fair use rates, the solar economy becomes less viable. Ironically, they mention the erratic rate hikes, market bubbles, and power shortages that came from California a decade ago as proof that changes need to be made? Isn’t preventing those spikes what the Arizona Corporation Commission is charged with doing? So shouldn’t they be trying to prevent the solar rate increase now? Additionally, the electricity troubles faced in California over a decade ago had nothing to do with a boom in a roof-top solar industry.

If you can afford to start an off-grid solar investment, now is the time. Once the Arizona Corporation Commission makes a decision, you could even be charged for switching to off-grid solar if you have any tie in to the system at all!

We are proud to service solar homes all across the valley and the state. We are top notch solar panel installation contractors who have managed large scale solar installations and small start up photovoltaic installations. If you have room on your roof, you could start installing solar panels today and avoid repeated solar use rate hikes and decreased solar panel subsidies as more and more turn away from powerful utility companies.

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