Imagine Arizona Canals Covered with Solar Panels

SolarDid you know that in 2012 a state sponsored program in India approved a test phase of caping their water canals with photovoltaic panels like the ones that G&S Electric Inc installs? Solar installation panels in the test area only cover about half a mile and provide 1 mega watt of electricity, however, the project is designed to not only harvest electricity, but also to promote water conservation.

Imagine what G&S Electric could achieve, as an Arizona solar contractor, by collaborating with the Salt River Project and the state of Arizona to cover the irrigation canals that drive water and power to this great state of ours? Perhaps the engineering of this irrigation system is not yet complete? As an Arizona solar installation contractor, we would be more than elated to participate in a venture that would not only help the state save water by reducing evaporative loss, but also provide solutions to the growing demand for renewable energy resources.

Our knowledgable staff understand the benefits of appropriately installed photovoltaics. That is why we encourage all residents, institutions, and businesses to investigate if installing solar panels on their property is the right choice for them. If you would like to have an evaluation for solar installation, contact G&S Electric Inc. Think about your roof space, your current electricity use, and the amount you want to invest. Our qualified installation contractors will work with you to determine if going solar is the right fit.

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