How will the Future of Arizona Solar Charge Forward?

In a disappointing move the Arizona Corporation Commission did make small concessions to APS in their recent media propaganda move to increase their profit lines by adding what most call a tax to the Arizona solar economy. Despite the thousand protestors and great efforts from solar industry leaders like G&S Electric Inc., SolarCity, and TUSK; APS was able to eek out a small victory. As a leader of roof top solar experts, G&S Electric Inc. did its part by attending the open hearing and providing testimony about the negative impacts rate hikes and fees would have on the local solar economy.

The concerns of local roof top solar installers and home owners were not heard. The Corporation Commission awarded a large utility monopoly a small victory. Even knowing that APS spent millions of dollars under the guise of third party ads attacking roof top solar, members of the Arizona Corporation Commission continued to say the rate change and fee increases for residential roof top solar was not high enough! In a recent press release by TUSK, former republican leaders blasted Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce for continuing to call for more rate and fee increases. As a Phoenix solar contractor, G&S Electric Inc. appreciates the excellent coverage TUSK has given to the issues.

As leading solar engineering contractors in Arizona, G&S Electric Inc. wants to ensure the success of the Arizona solar economy by staying aware of new developments and advantages experts can have over large utility companies. Our best hope is to rely less on the utility grid and more on the efficiencies of complete solar systems. The greatest opportunity for improvements in solar array systems is in the storage of solar energy. The more affordable and efficient storing solar energy becomes, the more adaptable residences and businesses will become in switching to complete solar energy design options.

Promising developments in battery technology may help push the future of the Arizona solar economy forward. The move away from large grids to smaller independent fully renewable energy grids or complete off grid solutions will rely on improvements in battery technology. A new start up out of Pittsburg called Aquion believes it has developed a sodium based battery that can be made cheaply, is non-toxic, and will help solve the issues of energy storage for photovoltaic systems like the roof top solar systems by G&S Electric Inc. The company has good funding for their technology and hope to develop micro-grids that could rely completely on renewable solar energy. You can read more about their brief case sized batteries here: Local Scottsdale company, Fluidic, is developing new technologies for rechargeable metal-air batteries. They claim to be able to store more energy than traditional batteries and believe the advances they are making in metal-air battery technology will be useful in storing energy from renewable solar energy sources. You can read more about their efforts here:

G&S Electric Inc. are highly reputable solar engineers in Arizona. We are contacted on large scale projects as solar engineering consultants. We work with home owners on solar site evaluations for roof top solar experts. G&S Electric Inc. leans on local merchants and American suppliers as much as possible to support our home economies. It is unfortunate that the Arizona solar economy will feel the impacts of the decisions by the Arizona Corporation Commission. As top solar experts serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and all of Arizona we will continue to look for solutions to grow solar panel services in Arizona. APS may have been awarded a small victory, and with the current Arizona Corporation Commission it looks like they may be awarded more rate and fee increases in the very near future. It is hard to fight a large utility company. G&S Electric Inc. believes in the future of solar energy. We will continue to discover and offer the best solutions for our solar customers to keep Arizona solar moving forward. Battery technologies and further advances in photovoltaics can make grid reliance a thing of the past. G&S Electric Inc. are leaders in solar solutions and are among the best solar contractors. We support our industry, our local economy, and our customers. We hope to have your support as well.

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