G&S Electric Installs Solar Panels for Local Electrical Workers Union

When the local electrical workers union selected G & S Electric for solar panel installation in Arizona on the union building, we knew we were doing something right. The recently completed project will provide IBEW Local 640 with solar energy for its central Phoenix building.

The installed system, a 25kw DC commercial solar system, is designed to power large commercial buildings and reduce energy costs. The project also demonstrates to the community and union members IBEW Local 640’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The project was designed to injected money back into the economy using union member installers and only American made solar products.

During the planning process special design considerations were made to preserve the buildings historical status, as the building is registered as an architectural landmark in Phoenix. Designers and installers took special care to ensure the panels were placed in a custom design as not to detract from the building aesthetic appeal.

The President of G & S says “I am honored that we were asked to do this by the Local 640 as Jaysen Fails (Owner of G & S Electric) has been a member of this union for over 32 years. He started his first day of work with this union over 32 years ago where he completed his apprenticeship.”

G & S Electric offers both commercial and residential solar installation in Arizona. If you are interesting in renewing your environmental commitment to green business practices or are looking to save on your electric bill at home, we can provide you with solar installation in Arizona. Contact us to learn more about solar installation in Arizona.

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