G&S Electric Inc stands strong for Arizona Solar


Last week, the Arizona Corporation Commission held two public open meetings to hear public opinion on APS’s proposal to alter the current structure of net metering for roof-top solar in Arizona. G&S Electric Inc would like to thank the valleys largest installer, Solar City and some of the valleys biggest supporters like VoteSolar.org and TUSK for the great turn out and information sharing campaigns leading up to the hearings. We were please to see so many electric contractors and roof top solar installers as well as solar advocates express the same message to the commission. Reduction in net metering benefits will decrease consumer demand and hurt local businesses which in turn will hurt our local economy.

Additionally, citizens of Arizona from Bisbee, Tucson, Phoenix, Prescott, and Flagstaff made the effort to testify before the commission that their investment in rooftop solar was primarily encouraged by APS. Many testified that they felt duped by a company who strongly supported new roof top solar incentives and initiatives only to be led into a situation that threatens the benefits promised by APS. Others from across the state came to testify that changes to net metering for rooftop solar caused concern for many homeowners who eventually want to install roof top solar, but are currently unable to do so financially. They testified that the reduction in benefits of roof top solar by minimizing net metering would make it more challenging for them to invest in the future.

Our own Matt Taft participated in the hearing on roof top solar and provided testimony to the commissioners for why G&S Electric Inc., a local electrical contracting company, is opposed to changes in net metering for rooftop solar. Some of his key arguments were that currently only two percent of APS customers are leveraging net metering. The impact to the operations of APS is minimal and there is no real threat or concern of any financial solvency. Matt explained to the commissioners that G&S Electric Inc. uses Made in the USA vendors for its parts when working on installations. G&S Electric Inc. works with local complimenting merchants to support the business needs. From local print shops, to local auto shops, G&S Electric Inc. partners with local merchants and business to help us run our business. Impacting the productivity of G&S Electric Inc. does not just impact one business’ bottom line. It impacts an entire ecosystem of local vendors and merchants who rely on the business we provide them in order to serve our own customers. The impact to local industry by diminishing the growth of rooftop solar has impacts well beyond local electrical contractors and roof top solar companies. Matt asked that for the sake of his family, our business, our employees, and all of the local owned merchants who rely on this industry to reject the claims by APS. We could not be more proud of his professional and caring testimony.

While the commission did agree to a small temporary fixed fee of $0.70 per kilowatt per month, we feel the strong turnout of around 1,000 protestors encouraged the passing of the lower fee instead of the fee hikes requested by APS. For more on the events of last week, check out the coverage provided by VoteSolar.org here:


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