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Living the luxurious life on the doublewide network

Living the luxurious life on the doublewide network

The DoubleWide Network, home of Arizona local DJ personality the “Morning Mayor” Dave Pratt, invited our very own Matt Taft to sit down with Kris Anderson, host of “Living the Luxurious Life” to speak about our company and our business. We thank Kris Anderson, team lead realtor for RE/MAX Excalibur and host of “Living the Luxurious Life” was a joy to speak with.

Kris Anderson says the show is about bringing the best products and services to listeners who want to live a life of luxury. It is an honor that this top Phoenix realtor chose G&S Electric Inc. as an electrical contractor which has the best products and services. Matt Taft, Director of Sales and Marketing at G&S Electric Inc. told Kris a bit about the back ground of how G&S Electric Inc. came to be one of the best electrical contractors in Phoenix.

Starting in 1986, two friends Gerry and Scott came out of the journeymen apprenticeship for electrical contractors working for Motorola. When the company they worked for was shutting down, the two men were offered to take over the electrical contractor work by starting their own company. Motorola approached them and guaranteed them one year of work based on the excellent quality electrician work being performed. What an honor the founders of G&S Electric Inc. must have felt to have the backing of such a large prominent entity.

The family owned and operated union organized electricians provided such expert electrical contractor work that 28 years later, the location now known as On Semi Conductor, still has G&S Electric Inc. working on site. Matt explained to Kris that G&S Electic Inc. is a full service electrical contractor specializing in service work for large manufacturers like On Semi to small mom and pop manufacturers. G&S Electric Inc. does specialty rigging, clean room work, in addition to all aspect of electrical work when you think of an electrical contractor. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Matt explained to Kris Anderson how G&S Electric Inc. expanded its business model in 2007 to enter the market of roof top solar and solar contractor work. Kris Anderson stated that her show was about bringing the BEST products and BEST services to her listeners who are interested in bringing luxury and top quality products to their lives. Matt goes on to explain why G&S Electric Inc. is considered the BEST in terms of products and services.

G&S Electric Inc. believes there is a lot to take into consideration in looking for services or products for a home or business. Taking a holistic approach to job evaluation, G&S Electric Inc. only wants to service jobs that make sense. A home located in a historic district covered in large shade trees simply may not be the best fit for a solar solution. Unlike competitors that want to cover every square inch of a roof with photovoltaic panels, G&S Electric Inc. will only install roof top solar where it makes sense. Some competitors will put an installation on any roof, regardless of the integrity of that roofing system. G&S Electric Inc. will analyze the integrity of the roof and will provide recommendations as well as referrals for roofing contractors when it is clear the roof will not hold up for the duration of the installation. Taking that diagnostic approach to an installation rather than focusing on making a sale is what makes G&S Electric Inc. a top electrical service provider.

Matt goes on to explain to Kris Anderson why G&S Electric Inc. is known for best in product in the solar industry. Many competitors use a model of under bidding each other, trying to find the cheapest products to have the lowest installation cost. The problem with finding the cheapest products is that they usually are made the cheapest way. Competitors may use a photovoltaic panel company that has only been around a few years. The warranties on photovoltaic panels can last 25 years. What happens if one of these cheap supply chains folds? Who is going to be there to honor the warranty?

G&S Electric Inc. believes in using companies that show quality, value, and integrity. G&S Electric Inc. takes the time to look into their supply partners. This is why we choose vendors like Sharp, a house hold name that has been around for decades. Sharp has a plant here in the United States, in Tennessee that produces the photovoltaic panels G&S Electric Inc. uses in their roof top solar installations. G&S Electric Inc. believes in the Buy American First Act and the Re-Invest in America principles and purchases only the best materials made in the U.S.A.

G&S Electric Inc. is proud of being featured as a best in product and services for electrical contractors and roof top solar installers in Phoenix and Arizona. We appreciate the acknowledgment by Kris Anderson and the time to speak about why we are among the best electrical contractors. G&S Electric Inc. is proud of the way our Director of Sales and Marketing, Matt Taft is so easily able to communicate our company standards of excellence. Take the time to listen to the full interview for valuable insights on what goes into a site evaluation and cost/need estimates for roof top solar installations. Matt has done an excellent job representing G&S Electric Inc., and our principles. If you are looking for the best products and services in roof top solar, or any electrical contractor needs, contact G&S Electric Inc. today.

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