G & S Electric Provides Sun Devils with Solar Power for Campus

After nearly three years of work G&S Electric is proud to announce the completion of Phase 4 of the solar panel installation project at Arizona State University. Phase 1 of the project began in November 2008 and 20 G & S employees have worked to provide the campus with solar energy.

Over 8,750 panels each rated at 230 watts DC or more have been installed as part of an overall effort to by ASU to transition to renewable energy systems for its power. G&S Electric has retrofitted 16 buildings at the ASU Tempe campus which are now equipped with solar panels including the Carson Student Athletic Center, the Hayden Library, and the Student Services buildings. The system will generate over 3 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually. The average home in Tempe uses 9,400 kWh per year.

ASU has developed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) where the system is owned by investors and they sell the created power back to ASU at a fixed price.

Business Administration Building

New Music Building

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