Ever Consider Going Off-grid to Keep the Lights On?

Off-Grid Cabin

outback inverter charge controller

battery bankWith most homeowners typically able to save between 70-100% of their electricity expenses, more are asking about switching to completely “off-the-grid” solar systems. Off-grid solar installations are possible even if you live right under the grid. If you have property far away from the grid, it can be extremely expensive to have a utility company extend a line to your property. Some home owners like the comfort of having a reliable solar system in case anything happens to the national electricity grid.

There are many factors to consider in choosing to upgrade your property to completely renewable energy using photovoltaic panels. The hurdle that would prevent most people from switching to off-grid solar is the upfront cost. However, an on-grid solar installation that uses batteries for storage can eventually become an off-grid system. Many homeowners will start with what they can afford and add additional solar panels and solar battery systems as they are able.

There are advantages to choosing an on-grid solar installation, such as the ability to sell your surplus energy to utility companies who are willing to buy solar power as a renewable energy source. With an on-grid solar system, home owners are always tied into an energy source. Batteries do break down, solar systems -just like every other system in your home- will require maintenance. Additionally off-grid systems tend to force property owners to become extremely conservative with their energy usage.

If you are questioning the pro’s and con’s about off-grid versus on-grid solar, the best thing to do is speak to a professional. G&S Electric Inc will provide you a free site evaluation. G&S Electric will provide everything you need regardless of the choice that is right for you. From evaluation, to site planning. G&S will even help monitor your solar system and can provide solar power financing options.



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