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Over the last few months we have focused on how APS is impacting roof top solar in Arizona, and how they aim to decrease benefits to solar consumers. As a top Arizona solar panel expert, G&S Electric Inc. has kept a close eye on the developments and their potential impacts. In looking at current trends in photovoltaic energy, G&S Electric Inc. has found an example of one public utility aiming to bridge the differences between customer owned roof top solar and the way it can benefit grid utilities.

In Sacramento California, the publicly owned utility is looking for ways to store roof top solar energy so the energy can be fed into the grid during peak volumes. Some investor owned utilities in California have made attempts to block solar powered homes from backing up their roof top solar panels with batteries. G&S Electric Inc. designs and manages off grid solar panel systems with battery back ups and we would be disappointed to see any utility attempt to prevent the measure of energy independence.

Using state of the art smart grid technologies the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has created a solar energy storage project that places closet sized lithium-ion battery packs and control systems in the neighborhood. The goal is to use 34 homes with photovoltaic panels installed to balance energy loads for use both on and off the grid.

We at G&S Electric Inc. think turning blocks of communities into solar energy power houses is an excellent balance between a utility and the private solar consumer. As one of the top solar providers in Phoenix and across Arizona, we are strong proponents of creating solar back ups. We treat each solar project as its own independent project and tailor to the needs of the solar installation. The way SMUD is going about changing how solar impacts the community. We applaud the efforts of SMUD to look for ways to balance roof-top solar and grid utility needs.

G&S Electric Inc. looks forward to the continuing growth of homeowner solar solutions. Solar energy is going to be an ever increasing option for energy independence, and obtaining a roof top solar panel system today, can lead to massive amounts of homeowner energy savings over the next 20 years.


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