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Aloha mai e!

Join us in celebrating the opening of a 5 megawatt photovoltaic solar farm in west Oahu!
If you have ever spent time on the North Shore of Oahu or on any of the islands of Hawaiian paradise we think you will agree that any environmental impact from fossil fuel or nuclear energy resources would be a tragedy and blithe to the pristine clean air, land, and waters that make the island beaches so unique.

As the state experiences increases in demand for energy resources the smartest solution for the isolated region must be solutions based on renewable energy. We are so pleased they chose solar photovoltaic energy as their first large scale commercially viable venture. The 36 acre lot with trackable photovoltaic solar panels goes a long way to reach the states 2030 goal of having 40% of it’s energy demand produced by renewable energy.

Here in the Valley of the Sun, photovoltaic or solar energy continues to be a growing demand. G&S Electric Inc. has already installed over 4 megawatts on the main campus of ASU in Tempe. We are not done yet! We are continuing to install another 1.3 megawatts of photovoltaic energy by the end of August, matching this new 36 acre solar-farm in far less space. We cannot tell you how excited we get about renewable energy pioneers and champions. If you would like to be a residential champion of renewable solar energy or have a commercial space available as a potential solar energy source, please do not hesitate to contacts G&S Electric an Arizona Solar Contractor at 602-493-1135! Join our passion for progressive technology.

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