Choosing the right Arizona Solar Company

With the rise in demand of alternative energy solutions, specifically solar in Arizona, a large number of contractors from the housing industry have entered the solar installation industry, many without proper training. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a flood of inexperienced contractors offering ineffective energy solutions.

G & S Electric prides itself in providing only the highest quality of work. Each project is done completely in-house, from design, collaboration with utility companies for rebates, to installation. Our high levels of workmanship and integrity are proven and supported by the local electrical workers union, IBEW Local 640. We ensure that you will be completely satisfied with your experience working with G & S Electric.

Check out a few more great things about G & S Electric:

Over 25 years in business in Arizona “Local Company” Union Shop

  • More than 3,000,000 watts installed
  • Full team of qualified in-house professionals
    • 5 years (minimum) of industry relevant education
    • Southwest Safety Training Alliance accredited
    • 100% performance and payment bonding capacity
    • Solar System Analysis to ensure systems are functioning properly

To learn more about our energy efficient solutions for your home or office contact G & S Electric, a leader among Arizona Solar Companies.

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