Buying or Selling a Home with PV Solar

HansenLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a well respected and independent research institution, just published its findings from an 8 year study on home sales. Guess what they found out when they compared homes with photovoltaic panels installed and homes without? The homes with photovoltaic solar installations were able to garner a premium, averaging $17,000 more than a home without a solar power installation.

The study took into account the watts each home was able to output and noticed a roughly four to six and a half dollar per watt value. The average value added to each home sale was about five and a half dollars per watt. They showed fundamental proof that having a residential solar power installation system absolutely increased sale price, as well as demand. Homes without a solar system took longer to sell.

G&S Electric Inc can tell people all day long that we have known these facts to be true. However, we are pleased to have sources we can point to which back up our statements.

As we have shared with you before, most housing inspectors are not trained properly to accurately assess the quality and value of your residential or commercial solar power installation. If you are planning to sell a home, don’t lose the value you have put into your asset. Contact G&S Electric Inc for a complete solar system analysis. We can tell you what to add to your asking price. If you are buying a new home and are looking at homes with installations, do not let a realtor tell you how much more you have to pay for that asset. Let us guide your offer by giving you the facts about the type of and condition of that solar system.

G&S Electric Inc is committed to the community and to the future of solar power. This is why we offer so many services and evaluations, even if you are not currently our customer. Give us a call before you buy or sell!!

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