Artistic Sustainability for Roosevelt Row

In an article published in the DowntownDevil, it appears that the Phoenix arts district known as Roosevelt Row will soon be adopting more pedestrian friendly shade structures. For many years the Phoenix City Council has been improving the down town area with a goal of making it more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. A small portion of the projects underway with the Phoenix City Council is to improve the artistic look and feel of Roosevelt Street.

The contract for the Public Art Program is roughly $375,000 which will include the artistic shade structures and seating spanning Central Avenue by Carley’s Bistro to 4th Street. We are pleased to see these efforts to make our city more pedestrian and bike friendly as well as the improvement in creating open shared spaces. What really got us excited about this story is that the fourteen feet high shade structures with seven to eight foot wing spans will be fitted with photovoltaic panels.

This is a story to celebrate the Phoenix City Council, which is insuring that 93% of the funding for the project stays in our local economy, hiring local Phoenix contractors and manufacturers to make and install the new structures. As a proponent of solar energy, G&S Electric Inc. is glad to hear that the city is choosing solar as a valuable investment worthy resource. The sustainability and energy savings that will come from a self powered “pocket park” are great examples of how future development projects should continue to progress across Arizona.

G&S Electric Inc. is a top photovoltaic engineering contractor and consultant for many public use projects, including those happening at ASU. G&S Electric Inc. has been an active part of the continuing efforts to create solar power shade structures over parking lots, on roof tops of student halls, and on the tops of the police stations. We support municipal solar initiatives and would like to be a part of your community planning and design efforts. If you are a community planner looking to incorporate solar power into community spaces, be sure to contact a local qualified electrical engineer with a high degree of expertise and experience in solar array design. Stand alone solar powered shade structures can provide valuable energy sources and electricity to light up parks, walk ways, bridges, play grounds, and any type of community space.

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