APS’s Claim to Fairness, and Fairness to APS


At G&S Electric Inc., part of our electricians with excellent customer service pledge is to keep our customers informed about policies that may impact them. Therefore, this month we have been providing you with highlights and detailed links regarding the recent filing by APS with the Arizona Corporation Commission to either alter net metering practices or add monthly fees to ensure customers who install roof-top solar are paying their fair share of the state electricity grid maintenance. We found an interesting publication about this solar energy issue and invite you to take a closer look at the numbers. The link is below but we will review the solar energy cost and benefit highlights for you.

APS has made a claim that homes with roof-top solar installations are not contributing to their fair share of the cost APS has to upgrade and maintain the power gird. Therefore, in the interest of the public they have requested changes be made. The claim is that those switching to solar power in affordable ways (which is easy with all of the solar subsidies and photovoltaic panel installation credits for solar energy) result in $20,000 costs to non-solar customers. However, as azcentral.com’s reporter Resnik explains in his article “Doing the Solar Math Why $20,000 ‘Subsidy’ Equals Just 19 bucks”
that is a 20 year projected cost and the real number is about 1,000 per year. But wait… There is more…

APS’s claim that the average home solar installation cost of $20,000 really comes down to a figure made by APS that a yearly cost of $1,000 per the 18,000 solar consumers needs to be made up by the nearly 1 million APS customers who do not have solar as an option for home energy. If we stop looking at this as a 20 year cost and look at the yearly breakdown of costs, Resnik explains that the final number is a measly 20 bucks per year. The numbers are big, at roughly 18,000 customers not paying roughly a $1,000 dollars annually that comes to a loss of 18 million per year. However, the off set of the nearly 9.5 hundred thousand customers who are non-solar certainly closes the gap to a figure more around $19.00 per non-solar consumer. Feel free to check the link and if so math inclined, check the numbers as well. Another interesting point of the article is the feedback loop of the media that APS has created around this issue. Apparently the independent ad agency is also tied into APS as well as the statistical analysis being promoted. These are the claims of the author, so we encourage you to read up more to learn about the facts behind the APS filing to change net metering or their desire to increase fees.

We at G&S Electric Inc. are not pro or anti APS. They do good work in the solar industry. In another report, APS shows their commitment to solar with their pilot project in Flagstaff of installing and owning roof-top solar solutions. Covering the full cost of solar installation projects in Flagstaff as mini-power stations, APS has permitted individuals with very little disposable income to receive the benefits of solar energy. They have a pilot program where they essentially rent roof space and install photovoltaic panels on roof tops to test the functionality of high desert solar energy use. It is a great program and commendable. G&S Electric Inc. has no interest in politicizing the issues underway in discussion or demonizing any local utility. We just want to be good electricians serving Maricopa and the community. Take a look at the links, read more if you want, and decide for yourself if the approach and request of APS is best for our state and it’s potential for this emerging economy.

Also, remember G&S Electric Inc. can answer all of your solar questions, or questions about electrical upgrades in general. Even if you already have solar installed but need someone to monitor existing solar panels and solar electric connections, we can help. One of our representatives will be more than pleased to come to your solar home residence or solar commercial property to discuss your solar/electrical options. We are a community based, family owned, local business. We want your local business as well. There may be an impending grandfather clause that could benefit our newest customers who adopt solar energy now. It is a 20 year clause, the same number used in APS’s calculations. If you were on the fence before, and are an APS consumer, perhaps now is the time to start a discussion with G&S Electric Inc. about your Phoenix solar or Arizona solar electricity needs?

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