APS and the Arizona Corporation Commission Reduce Renewable Energy

Arizona Solar

Arizona Solar

In November of 2013 APS convinced the Arizona Corporation Commission to approve fees and measures that would hinder the growth of Arizona’s roof top solar economy. From an ideological stand point, the citizens of Arizona as well as the governing bodies of Arizona should be doing everything in their power to promote the advancement of roof top solar. The economic benefits range from increased state revenues and higher employment rates to increased sustainability. From an environmental and economical model roof top solar represents only benefits to the state and the people. Their are no risks to the state or to the people in advancing roof top solar.

Their is only one entity that holds a risk analysis, and that is the utilities which manage the power supply. Unfortunately for the people of Arizona, utilities are extremely powerful entities which monopolize regions. They are able to exert control over their profit lines through a regulating body that seems to want to maintain a utility system a century old rather than embrace a new revolution in energy independence.

In the first week of February 2014, APS met with the Corporation Commission to discuss the next push to reduce renewable energy growth. Currently APS is required to have 15% of it’s energy supplied from renewable resources by the year 2025. Part of the requirement includes a provision which states that 4.5% be from roof top solar. Neighboring states have goals set at 20% to 30%. Arizona is uniquely situated in a region of the U.S. which would support much higher use of renewable energy.

APS does not profit from roof top solar. In fact, APS looses revenue due to roof top solar. Therefore, APS is now pushing to have the 4.5% requirement completely eliminated. Not only are they attempting to eliminate the need to leverage roof top solar, they are also attempting to minimize the over all requirement of renewable energy to an embarrassing 10.5%. The future of solar energy growth is now being threatened not only in the roof top market, but also in the solar array and solar power generating station markets as well. APS does not want solar growth for Arizona. The Arizona Corporation Commission has also demonstrated it does not want solar growth for Arizona.

G&S Electric Inc. hopes that this measure will not be approved. We are skeptical that the Arizona Corporation Commission will do what is right for the solar economy and for the state. We urge our customers to take action and contact the Corporation Commission to support renewable energy in Arizona. Additionally, customers can help by supporting solar allies like TUSK and the Arizona Solar Center. G&S Electric Inc. are passionate solar contractors rated as top roof top solar experts. Contact us for a free solar evaluation for your residence or business. G&S Electric Inc. supports an important part of Arizona’s economy, and we need the support of our customers.


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