A Taxing Labor of Love

September gave G&S Electric Inc. a day off to celebrate our labor of love as top notch solar installers for AZ Solar loving residents and businesses. It is truly a blessing for us Arizona electricians to be able to be an active partner in the process of turning Arizona Solar.

Unfortunately, recent requests from Arizona Public Service may be a major death nail for roof top solar installations. We have been covering the request to modify the current residential solar net-metering structure and some of the questions that should be asked. As a roof top solar installer these decisions could impact our bottom line, as well as the bottom line of our customers.

In a recently published article regarding the future of AZ solar, the solar tax implications to solar home owners are reviewed in detail. In a 3rd party review, the proposal by APS to the “buy all/sell all” method of solar subsidies may essentially remove ALL tax deductible solar benefits. As an AZ solar contractor, this little known implication to roof top solar is very alarming. Essentially, by purchasing all of the solar energy the photovoltaic panels generate and then reselling back the solar energy the roof top solar home owner uses, the homeowner is no longer eligible for the federal solar tax benefits. Since the solar home is acting more like a solar power station, the wording of the solar tax credit makes the homeowner ineligible. In addition, the solar energy sold back to the home owner may have to be reported as taxable income!! Read the link below for more details.

G&S Electric Inc. has installed hundreds of residential roof top solar systems. We have solar installations all over the valley from private business solar needs, to community solar needs. As certified electricians, a vested local business, and champions for AZ solar, we hope the Arizona Corporate Commission makes the right choice for Arizonans.

If you have a comment you would like to share with the Arizona Corporate Commission on the topic, you can file it on their website

To read more about potential implications to solar tax credits, follow the link

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