A new car? A pool? Or a solar power system?

We all have choices about our next big purchase, but unless you are a classic car collector, buying a new car really is not an investment. Each year the value depreciates while increasing maintenance expense. Yet many of us love the feeling of getting that new toy.

It is getting hotter in the Valley of the Sun, and if you don’t have a pool, you might be jealous of your friends and neighbors. However, most realtors will tell you that a pool actually decreases the value of your property.

Any new big item purchase can be tricky. There is buyer’s remorse, car accidents that can quickly ruin a new car. Pools can increase insurance, and do leak or crack if not installed correctly. Even an expensive dream vacation can turn out to be a rotten experience. However, for homeowners who are choosing to install a solar electricity system, the experience seems all positive.

In a recent survey the notion of how we view our energy needs pointed out how we perceive our purchasing decisions. We know in Phoenix, a car is needed if we want to move around with any efficiency. We know we need electricity too, but we don’t always invest in purchasing or leasing a photovoltaic system. A system that can pay you back, increase your property value, increase the selling power of your home, and reduce your monthly living expenses.

G&S Electric Inc loves our toys too, but think about your purchasing power. With our leasing options you don’t even have to have an upfront out of pocket expense. Seven out of ten home owners surveyed realize that investing in solar energy was better than buying a car. With federal tax credits and initiatives, going solar is one of the smartest investments a home or business owner can make.

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