5 Benefits of Solar Power

The concern over American dependence on limited resources, such as fossil fuels, has forced a dramatic shift in the attitudes toward alternative energy sources. Solar power in Arizona is a great alternative energy source because it is plentiful and doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. The sun generates more than 10,000 times the amount of energy the entire world consumes annually. Because of our sunny climate, we should be taking advantage of solar power in Arizona.

The following are 5 benefits of using solar power:

1. Abundance of Sun’s Energy

The sun generates far more energy than people consume around the world each year. With the proper equipment, utilizing solar energy is incredibly easy.

2. Low-Maintenance Panels

Once solar panels are installed, they require fairly little maintenance. Dirt, pollen and dust can build up on solar panels throughout the year though, so you should clean them once or twice each year to keep them in top condition.

3. Advances in Efficiency

The efficiently in collecting solar energy had vastly improved over the recent years, with over a 40 percent increase in efficiency since the invention of photovoltaic cells. The cost of solar panels is also decreasing due to new methods in production, which are more cost-efficient.

4. Less Pollution

Solar power is considered to be greener as it does not release harmful CO2 into the atmosphere. The power behind solar energy, photovoltaic cells, produces almost no pollution during a lifetime of use, typically about 30 years.

5. Low Cost

Beyond the cost of installation and a little maintenance, solar energy is completely free. It doesn’t require the expensive and ongoing materials like oil or coal and requires a much lower operational labor fee than conventional power production.

Solar energy is the energy of the future. There are already a many benefits that come from this energy source. At G&S Electric, we have a team of experienced professionals who are well versed in solar systems in addition to more traditional electric needs. Please give us a call today at (602) 493-1135 or visit us online to learn more about solar power in Arizona.

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